February 16, 2007

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It was my soul,
Crying out.
Reaching out.
It reached out,
And said,
Why did I come?


I want to control,
Yet I am controlled,
By some Super Natural Power,
By a changing Fate.

What has to happen,
Will happen for the best.
Realising this,
Makes everything easy to accept.


Seconds, minutes and hours tick by,
Have you ever wondered why?
Ever sat silently on a dark night,
And listened to the ceaselessly ticking time?

Ever wondered about a night,
When the peace and calm would be unpierced,
By the ticking time?


  1. every poem of urs is related to something ... i feel they are interconnected ... as a poem i can and do appreciate it and somewhat understand it ... but what do u feel and why did u write so that is beyond me ... as far as i can make out i think that u are far left behind time .. u are unable to keep the pace with it .... but why exactly ...

    sometimes i feel it is pure professional writings ... because else it makes me think that u are exaggerating ur pretentious sadness ... remember .. happiness is an attitude ....

    1. Thanks for this profound comment ashona111! I wish U got back to readin blogs again!

  2. all the poems, all of them so beautifully poignant and interwoven :)

  3. Lovely set of inter-connected poems! I esp liked the last one!

    1. Thanks a lot Sri Valli! :D Welcome to my blog & I hope U keep visiting my blog more often!

  4. Loved it. Beutifully carved poetry.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Bubblecube! Plz do keep frequenting my blog for more nice posts! :)

  6. Fate, Destiny and Time,,,!!!
    God is certainly a faith and a feeling..
    Beautifully expressed ..

    1. Thanks a lot Veena! :D
      Completely agree with U. We nvr pay attention to how our life is passing..thru moments of time like sand...it's this which got 2gether so many thoughts to write this poem series on a still dark night.

  7. Lovely words, Amrita.
    Even I listen to the ticking seconds and realize time passing by...
    Know that our time will come :)


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