April 1, 2015

#UtkalaDibasaQuiz : Win 2N-3D Stay at Puri, Ratnagiri & lots more!

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The following #UtkalaDibasa Quiz commemorates #UtkalaDibasa 2015 - Odisha's Foundation Day. 


Check out the #UtkalaDibasaQuiz Rules and Terms and Conditions HERE.

A chance to WIN Travel-Stays worth Rs 11,000, Rs 8,000 and 10 other fabulous prizes!



Q1. Which was the very first State to be formed on linguistic basis in modern Indian history?


Q2. The Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath in Puri is world-famous. However, the presiding deity of Bhubaneswar also has a Rath Yatra every year on 8th day of bright half of Chaitra month. Name this different type of annual Rath Yatra held in Bhubaneswar.

A Rath Yatra unique to Bhubaneswar's presiding deity.


Q3. Odisha's gifted hockey players have been the pride of India since decades. Can you name this young, promising hockey player who has recently received 'Player of the Year' Award from Hockey India?

Immensely talented hockey player hailing from Sundergarh district, Odisha


Q4. 'Chhena Poda' sweet is offered to Lord Jagannath and is said to be His favorite dessert! What is its chief ingredient?
Delicious Dessert from Odisha!


Q5. This rare and endangered dolphin is found in the largest brackish water lake of Asia.
(a) Name the lake, and
(b) the dolphin species.

Captivating sights of Dolphins in Odisha!


Q6. Name this pristine beach of Odisha where the 'vanishing sea' is found.

During low tide, the sea 'vanishes' inwards up to 5 km! Most exhilarating experience in the world!

To take part in this #UtkalaDibasaQuiz :

Step 2:
Read the following Contest Rules & follow these Terms and Conditions for the #UtkalaDibasa Quiz-
In the Comments Section of present Blogpost, post-
A) Answers to the above 6 Quiz Questions
B) Tie-breaker Answer - Complete this- "I'd love to visit Odisha because..." within max. 20 words

Comments are moderated.

Check out all the #UtkalaDibasaQuiz Rules and Terms and Conditions HERE


The glorious prizes are:


Grand Prize #1 - Couple 2N/3D Stay at Toshali Sands, Puri sponsored by Toshali Resorts


Grand Prize #2 - Couple 2N/3D Stay at Toshali Resort, Ratnagiri sponsored by Toshali Resorts


10 Consolation Prizes - Lovely Odisha Tourism Souvenir Items sponsored by Odisha Tourism


Also, do not forget to visit this link for #Nabakalebara 2015 Special Packages :


Good Luck! Jay Jagannath! Bande Utkala Janani!

Odisha - The Soul Of Incredible India

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  1. Happy #UtkalaDibasa to all! Looking forward to your entries!

    Comments are under moderation and will be published at the end of the contest!

    All the very best! In case you have any queries, please post in comments section and I'll get backto you!

    Jay Jagannath! Bande Utkala Janani! :)

    1. This is a good contest Amrita. Though I don't have much knowledge in Orisha's history but I'll try :) Happy UtkalaDibasa to you too!

    2. Thanks Moon! All answers are easily Googlable so not 2 worry at all! The quiz is your chance to know & discover a bit more on this beautiful state-your neighbour- steeped in rich heritage! :)

      I'm looking keenly forward to your entry! :)

  2. We have to write answers here?

    1. Yes.
      (a) Plz follow steps in Rafflecopter widget first (5 steps of entering mail-id, following 3 handles, tweeting)

      (b) Plz write answers from 1 to 6 here as a single composite comment.

      (c) Complete this at end of your comment itself: "I'd love to visit Odisha because..." within max. 20 words

      & U r ready to win fab prizes! So hurry up! :)

  3. Dear Amrita, Please correct me if I am mistaken. This contest is open till 12th April. Is it? If no, what is the deadline. Thanks :)

    1. Yes Dipanwita! Contest open till 12 April 2015! U surely take part soon! Gr8 chance to win luxurious resort stays in 2 most ravishing places of scenic,serene,sublime Odisha!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! Through the Quiz I'm able to ensure Celebration Week for #UtkalaDibasa! :)

      Looking forward to your participation! All the best!

  5. Wish you a very Happy Celebrations. Good to see this engaging contest!

    1. Thanks a lot Alok! Do participate soon in this engaging contest with fabulous prizes! Spread the word among your friends and family too! All the best! :)

  6. Hope To A Lucky One :)

    1. Hi Usha! U can be lucky only if you submit answers to the 6 super-easy qns along with completing the slogan in 20 words all in the same comment to this blogpost! So hurry up & become lucky! It is IN YOUR HANDS! All the best! :)

  7. I've actually written posts on the 'vanishing sea' and 'brackish water lake' :-D Visited these places for at least 7 times.

    Though visited a countless number of times but I've never been to Puri during the RathaYatra. Praying to Shri Jagannatha this time. And, thanks Amrita for this wonderful quiz and giveaway on one of my most favourite holidays destinations, Odisha.


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