October 11, 2014

My Definition of 'Educated Person'

Education is not merely Stacking of Degrees but also Dressing up of one's Mind and Soul.What is Your Definition Of an Educated Person.And what is your opinion about Educated Illiterates. #Education

An educated person is one who has not just internalised study concepts learnt in educational institutions. More importantly this person must have good values embedded in him/her; be an aware local, national and world citizen; do right towards other human beings; be sensitive to Mother Earth; have a habit of solving problems and doing things pro-actively than whining; practice sustainable living and also be grounded in life than simply showing off position at work, salary or degrees.


In today's exhibitionist world, people love to flaunt their jobs, degrees and education. Meanwhile, it is utterly shameful that these same people have no basic civic sense such as not littering the road or saying no to plastics which clog our drains. Rather, if these same people will stay in USA or Switzerland, they will not spit or litter or urinate there, but when they stay in India- LET'S DIRTY OUR COUNTRY- WE HAVE THE FREEDOM- is their mantra! Disgusting.

Also, sadly, not just illiterates, but even the educated build homes illegally, encroach space meant for drains or other common lands, callously dump garbage anywhere they like. That is why during monsoons, most cities and towns in India get flooded and so many diseases spread due to mosquitoes- coz firstly our drainage systems are poor and even where they exist, they've been badly encroached and buried! Educated citizens would always think of their city first, rather than creating a nuisance for the city.


Today's consumerist society also means that as a status symbol or even otherwise, many of these so-called educated people smoke like chimneys, drink barrels, eat tons of junk food- whether they are aware or not that they are killing themselves and family members too. No wonder India is turning into the non-communicable disease capital of the world and the future will only get worse.

Educated people would realise that 'excess of ANYTHING is bad'. Insead, they have no control or sense of moderation, which is a blot on their 'educated' status. Home-cooked food made from fresh ingredients will keep all fit and active, rather than laziness-inducing and unhealthy ready-to-eats and takeaways, whose packaging also add woefully to our gargantuan garbage problems.


Educated people must behave as torch-bearers of society. Instead, today so many social crimes are perpetrated by educated people only- be it dowry, female infanticide, rapes, murders, domestic violence and what not. This is indeed abominable. Such people commit the worst and most unimaginable crimes, keeping Indian society non-progressive and parochial.

Patriarchal mindset, hostility towards other races/ethnicities, polluting our cities/villages, scribbling on monuments, sub-regionalism, communalism- all are indulged in by many so-called educated people. Rather than integrating India, respecting our culture and heritage, treating all well, such people make a mockery of our rich Culture, Constitution and Fundamental Duties towards our Nation.



Inspite of having great degrees, there are many people who carry on businesses unethically and cheat the Nation of her due and also fleece poor unsuspecting people. Chit fund scams, illegal mining, Sahara, NSEL, 2G, Coalgate, CWG and the innumerable scams this nation has been seeing since decades militate against 'highly-educated' tag that these business owners or people in Government hold. If their mentality is only to loot and maximise their personal gains by exploiting poor tribals or denying revenues to the nation, there is indeed NO VALUE or even NEGATIVE VALUE of any education they have.



In context of all that is discussed above, we can indeed find a very few truly "Educated people" in India. They are those gems due to whom our country keeps running. Rest all, unfortunately, are #EducatedIlliterates or worse- #EducatedExploiters.

I can only wish, hope, pray that people realise the importance of education not as a means of amassing money and following the 'high-life' or materialistic life. Instead, that education is the purification of mind and soul, needs to be realised by all and good values practised forever.

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  1. Very nice post Amrita. Education is the most important thing and people should use it to harness their in-built skills. And importantly it should be used in a good way thereby we respect it!

    1. Thanks so much Gowthama! Yes I fully second U! :)

  2. We have a Prime Minister who is not highly educated and takes pride in that :)

    1. Yup! At least he is trying to inspire all to build a better India. Very few 'highly educated' ppl do that- dey r mostly bsy amassing money! :P

  3. Nice post...well drafted.And Educated Exploiters they are the biggest threat to the society.

  4. Nice one, everyone must keep in mind that education means a lot more than just getting degrees.

  5. Very nice article. In the present scenario there are more "educated illiterates" than "educated people" which is not a good sign. I would also like to add one more thing that " being an illiterate is better than being an educated illiterate".

  6. Totally agree with all your points.
    Very well-presented & analyzed as usual, Amrita.
    May the numbers of truly educated people rise in India & in our World.
    Then, there will be no Wars & stupidity in wasting important resources on weapons...

  7. Some one once said.. A Degree simply confirms that you passed an exam. The fact that you are educated or not is dependent on your actions.

    1. Very correctly said Rajesh! Thanks so much! :)

  8. Very well narrated Amrita.....education doesn't only mean degrees...

  9. It is really an interesting piece of read Amrita, very well written highlighting the burning concern....People should not just be an educated but should behave like an educated one.

    1. Very rightly said Priyashi. Thanks for encouragement! Plz do keep readin & commentin on my blog! :)

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  11. Very passionately written, and logically presented!
    Sadly, while we have many qualified people, but very few educated people.

    1. Thanks soooooooo mch! :D Yes U r absolutely right..der's no use of qualification if basic human vales r missing in the person!


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