April 9, 2015

5 Ways to Manao* your Special Someone!

Sometimes a "sorry" is not enough... Then what is? #sorry


Right. "Sorry" is an ubiquitous and taken-for-granted word. Unless you back it up with some heartfelt action, you have no chance to win the other's heart.

So what are my five big ideas to achieve more than the effect of 'sorry' and indeed mend every crack in the relationship?! Here they go:



1) Give her/him a lot of SURPRISES! Yes- make them feel divine! Pamper your significant other with chocolates slipped in the cupboard or a note of affection inside the toothpaste cover! Icecreams, cakes, book she/he always wanted, cards, flowers...all the good things you can think of!



2) Trick her/him into a fabulous dinner date! Or even arrange one at home! You can not just say 'sorry' but also talk your heart out and voila- ALL BLISS!



3) Make sure to give her/him some exclusive time. Book movie tickets. Have some time together, and build the respect. She/he certainly deserves it. You screwed it. Now make it right!



4) All of the above options, 'coz THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and YEH DIL MAANGE MORE (this heart wants more!) !



5) And here comes the ONE MOST IMPORTANT OPTION- TRAVEL! Yes, Travel is that one thing which can give her/him the much needed respect, time, love and moments to re-charge the relationship! 

You work so hard, you neglect her/him and then you fight. The best way to say 'sorry' is to book a trip to the nearest getaway or even farther! Sparks will fly; hearts will melt; new places, food and people will enchant and re-kindle your life of togetherness like never before!

So, tell me, do you want fabulous couple 2 nights/3 days getaways to awesome Toshali Resorts at Puri and Ratnagiri of Odisha?! For the 'Sorry' purpose or not- does not matter

Central picture is of the beautiful ornamental gateway to the Ratnagiri Buddhist monastery! While you stay at Ratnagiri's Toshali Resort, you can also visit Lalitgiri and Udaygiri which are closeby and have an absolutely complete, awesome, peaceful, enriching holiday!

Toshali Sands, Puri is a famous resort with most awesome facilities! You can go on special cycle-trips as you stay here to the Puri-Konark Marine Drive- one of the most scintillating, awe-inspiring experiences ever! Of course Konark and Bhubaneswar visits can very well be part of your holiday!

Simply answer six super-easy questions, complete a slogan in 20 words on Odisha and you are ready for a lucky chance to win your getaways to the Soul of Incredible India- Scenic, Serene, Sublime- Odisha! Your gateway to win is here: #UtkalaDibasaQuiz #Contest..!


Only time till 19 April remaining people! Hurry! Else you will feel 'SORRY'!! :)

*Manao= 'to make up for' in Hindi
**Linking this post to Indispire Edition 59 and letter 'M' of ABC Wednesday (Manao, mend, movie, more, moments, melt, matter, monastery)!

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  1. Great Tips.. Works faster on y hubby when I cook his fav dish:)

    1. Hey Ananya...yes of course! The way to a man's heart is through his stomach! :D Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  2. Awesome tips :-)

  3. This traveling tip is my favorite. :) I love to travel to such wonderful places with that special someone. :)

    1. Lovely! Then the contest is for U as well! Hope U take part asap! :D

  4. Interesting post. All the suggestions are good .

  5. It shows how romantic you are at heart :) Very nice and sweet post Amrita

  6. What a wonderful concept!



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