July 9, 2006

It was Her

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It was night,
Yet there was light…….
And there was just one woman,
On the beach……..

Long hair,
And her beautiful back,
Was all that I got,
To see.

She was waiting on the sand,
So the waves would come,
So she would be taken,
To the middle of the sea……..

And while she,
Would be taken………
The sea behind her,
Would cease to be……….

And the barren place,
Would again become sea,
As the water carried her back,
To the beach……….

It was most magical,
As my eyes followed her…..
I could feel…
Her luminosity……….

All I could see,
Was just her bare back…….
My efforts to see who she was,
Of no avail………..

I called out to her,
And she disappeared.

But I’m sure she was…..
The most beautiful woman on earth…………


  1. Are you mad or what?

    I just can't undrstand you.

    In awe - completely open-mouthed - I believe this cannot be your vision. But then, whose else it possibly can be? No doubt, it's just you.

    But tell me, whenever you get these sparks of profound, utter, imagination, how do you make yourself to write abt it instead of delving into the same and relishing the complete 'imagnation' for ur selfish own.

    Huh! Great work. You must know, this is THE best piece of imagery i've ever read.

    1. Woah Pranav! Thanks a ton for this! When r U coming back to read my latest posts?!

  2. How sexy .... long hairs* and a bare back of a lady .. and that too making oscillations in the sea ... all Wet .. water dripping down her hairs and back .... ooops .. i am imagining many things ... :D ..

    Is it your soul ??? If so then why cant you know what u want ...(I called out to her,
    And she disappeared.)

    Is she your eesta debi ... protector goddess ??? whats wrong you have done then ???

    I think she saw me on the other side of the sea and came to me ... :D .... as I was getting killed on the other side to see her from front .. :D

    I didnt understand ...

    yeah yeah .. nice Poem ...(as usual)

    1. Thanks a lot Ashona111! Yes U can interpret in myriad ways...:-)

  3. wow ... was going through it again ... and read "the analyst's" comment ... it seems a good meaning of ur poem .....

    hey lady u are mysterious ... really

    1. Thanks Ashona111! & U've been away since so long from mysterious lady's blog!

  4. That's a wonderful analysis! Thanks so much! But no..actually it was my dream which I hv written about! And der ws no man calling out too!

  5. I would dedicate two lines of my urdu poetry to you:
    ...Bahot Daala Samandar mein Shahed Hamne,
    ...Kambakht Khaara ka Khaara hi Raha !!

    1. Ha ha! Samandar mein shehed kyun daalna-
      Shahed ke samandar mein hi doob jao!:-P

  6. Nice one, Amrita :)
    Intriguing & enchanting is the Woman of The Sea!
    Even without seeing her, you are convinced of her beauty!

  7. It reminds me when we used to write an analysis of poems in the school. When everyone had their own perceptions. And thats what makes it a classic one (y)


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