September 20, 2013

My Birdoid

And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’. The 'Send' button on the birdoid was a bright luscious red, forcing a human of 2035 to think twice or many times preferably, before hitting it. But his face so lingered in front of my eyes that I just could not help it. Well, the birdoid was a mini-spy satellite looking like a bird, which I had built with my own hands as a personal project, to serve important uses in the super-techno-savvy world of 2035. For now, I had to use my birdoid to search for a person Mr.X- one who had escaped with all e-documents of my e-office. X had closed my e-firm sending a false e-representation to the Registrar of E-Companies and fled before he could face my terrible wrath. 

The problem was, I trusted him too much. I had never thought he would go to the extent of building my exact replica to break into the main files I had secured through a human-familiarity-software (HFS) which would only allow ME. And here he was- destroying my own hard labor with my cloned double with my EXACT characteristics to fool the super-sophisticated system! True X would have spent his entire fortune plus borrowed a trillion more in doing this, for, getting cent-percent human-genome matched clone in 2035 came at the highest premium as compared to even a 99% match. Also, I knew though X had gained experience in this field, he was not skilled enough to create a full match. And my software was advanced to the hilt- to allow only a 100% match. One thing was for sure- he had 100% betrayed me.

I decided he needed to be taught a lesson. One he would never forget. My birdoid was out on its mission. It would search the entire world for this techno-crook, and if he would not be found, would even rev-up at escape velocity, leave the Earth and scuttle towards Mars, for several colonies of humans were living in Mars as well. My birdoid would scan all the humans and possible humanoids, distinguish among them, and find the target. Yet I feared the intelligence of the birdoid- I did not know how far my artificial intelligence program would be effective on him. I had expressed all my heart-felt anger and disgust at that abominable person, while talking to the birdoid. If the birdoid's artificial intelligence took over the emotional side, there was a real fear of the birdoid even probably launching an attack on the target. This was a scary thought. Still, in a fit of rage I had bared all facts before my birdoid and before I knew it, had hit the 'Send' button.

My wide display screen showed the images captured by my birdoid whizzing past continents searching for the most wanted. The truth dawned upon me within half an hour- my birdoid had not found him on Earth. It revved up its engines and I could soon see dark expanse of space in minutes. My birdoid had compressed itself to a very small mass and was travelling at one-fourth the speed of light. Within about fifteen minutes my birdoid had reached Mars and was scanning people there. Colonies looked much like on Earth. I almost gave a serious thought to set up my new company on Mars. Demand for services must be booming there, still cost of living must be higher, I wondered.

 Suddenly, an alert message flashed on my screen. "TARGET FOUND" it said. And before I knew it, I saw an explosion on my screen. My birdoid had done what I feared- using its own emotional intelligence, it had launched a precision attack on the cheat. I felt a pang of remorse. A message again flashed- "Don't worry Amrita. I know you did not mean to KILL him and may have sent a different command to me. Yet please understand that this was the only way justice could be done to both of you. You will not go to hell. God knows your ethical position." I was surprised that my intelligence program had given my birdoid such a thorough grounding of ethics, morality and the sense of justice, to almost talk like a Supreme Court judge and philosopher rolled into one. Still, through the surprise, remorse and wonder, I sent a message asking my birdoid to self-destroy. My birdoid sent back a message- "Target had a remote control in hand. I suspect more targets. Allow me to finish my job." I realized the super-intelligence of my birdoid. I was awed to see almost fifty explosions in rapid succession with "TARGET FOUND" flashing at the blink of my eyes for the next few minutes.

It dawned on me that Mr.X had built fifty clones of his, and the remote-control was for transferring the matter in his brain to each of his clones whenever he would be in danger. So that's it! This techno-savvy cheat had tried to stump me and the world, for a fifty more dangerous cheats like him would sure make Mars a very dangerous place. Wait! My birdoid was gain hurtling back to Earth, ostensibly to check if X had planted his clones on earth too to arise when he was dead. Wow, I had no words to praise the intelligence and steadfastness of goal accomplishment of my birdoid. 

Soon it had scanned across continents on Earth and I saw no explosions on my screen. My birdoid said- "Finally, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! X clearly wanted to capture entire Mars for himself even after death and I'm proud to have annihilated him. Amrita, now I will self-destruct. Before I do that, I wish to inform you that I've left my clone on Mars which will continue to survey if X has left more clones to rise after further time-lags. Most importantly I want to say that we need many more humans like you who do good work for the world. May your tribe increase." 

I messaged back-"My birdoid, you have shown tremendous fortitude. I'm proud I invented you, but have to destroy you as well, for being safe from Earth and Mars Police. Don't worry, for you will be reborn in an even better Avatar!" My birdoid said-"AMEN! 3..2..1..." and my screen went blank.

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  1. A great sci-fi story!
    I could actually imagine a bird's-eye-view of Martian & Earth colonies where attacks are happening thanks to the sophisticated Birdoid! Highly probable in the future!
    Congrats for envisioning such a tech-wonder & for this great post! :)

  2. One of the best blog article I read till now. Hats off! to your imagination. I could actually imagine a bird shaped machine roaming around in the space to find that Mr. X, and its highly probable in the future.
    keep writing, sci-fi stories like this.

  3. @Anitaexplorer: Thanks so mch! Ya jst came 2 my imagination n had 2 write it fr WOW! :)

    @Kiran Gaura: Thanks a ton! Glad U loved it! Hope U keep readin my blog fr more! :D


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