September 20, 2013

Why I love Blogging

I Love Blogging because:

B- is for the BEST use of time, as while I write a new post, I get a tremendous creative boost, which keeps me energetic and happy for the rest of my time- till I post the next one! Time spent BLOGGING is my most exciting time! Truly, BLOGGING brings out the very BEST of my creative side!

L- is for all the LOVE people give me for being a writer, a blogger- since the year 2006, when blogging itself as a concept was relatively new! They overwhelm me with their feedback and encourage me to touch the deepest chords of their heart, over and over again!

O- is for my OUTSTANDING gratitude to the concept and invention of internet and blogging itself! Today we cannot imagine life without internet, and a lover of blogging like me cannot imagine life without blogging, which allows me to pour my heart out on my OWN Space on the wired highway- and read OTHERS' heartfelt outpourings too!

G- is for GLORY of being recognized as a world citizen by authoring my own blog! Everytime I look at the Live Traffic Feed displaying people from the remotest parts of the world visiting my blog, I feel elated and proud as a stakeholder in the chugging inter-continental 'Thoughts Express'! Who knows- even a future inter-GALACTICAL 'Thoughts Express' when we build links with aliens! My blog will live forever though I may just be a mortal first post 'I'

G- is for GREAT satisfaction I get by sharing my hopes, confusions, love, hatred, passions with humanity, through my blog. Makes me lighter, happier and simply ecstatic!

I- is for my INDEPENDENCE, which gets floodgates of expression through my blog! You will see this sense of mine reflected in every blog post and I so absolutely treasure this! IT is simply me- no wonder my blog is even named 'I' and I love blogging!

N- is for NOVELTY of expression and styles! My creativity gets wings and expresses freely through my blog with different styles of posts- poems, stories, articles or simply- wandering thoughts!

G- is for GROWTH. My blog gives me the widest avenues for discovering my boundless potential (‘About Me’) and helps in self-growth enormously. Even participating in my first blog contest was a life-changing event for me as I could interact with this wonderful inspiring lady: Sanghamitra Jena: A Woman Entrepreneur, a Trailblazer . Simultaneously being linked to a paradise of bloggers, I get not just knowledge by reading their blogs but also inspiration and motivation to do much more in life and make positive differences to the world at large, often being infected with their sense of optimism and happiness.

Blogging is the best feel-good factor in my life. It is my way of baring my soul, of touching others' souls as well. I love blogging, and whether I win or not, this post has been one of my most satisfying posts so far! :D MEGA Thanks for this chance Miss Malini ( ) ! Really, my MEGA Salute goes out to you! :)


  1. Amrita, This is such a nice post!
    I love the way you have made an acronym out of BLOGGING and explained what all the letters stand for! Veryt creative. Written from the heart! Really great!
    I love Blogging too all thanks to you!
    All the very best to you!

  2. @anitaexplorer: Thanks soooooooo mch! Hope this wins d prize too! :D Coz I really really looooove blogging!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you ! Do keep visiting my blog n commenting! :)


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