March 4, 2015

#MannKiBaat #YesWeCan E-Book!

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I have been completely thrilled today! The moment I logged in to Twitter today morning and saw the following tweets under my Notifications, my happiness knew no bounds!

I sincerely thank @madmaxmumbai, @tiasharma88 and @Action_Hope for breaking this host of awesome news to me!

Next step was to open the E-book and see these with my own eyes to believe it- yes it was THAT UNBELIEVABLE! Of course I had done hard work and given not five, ten or fifteen but all of 26 tweets in the form of 26 Changes I wish to see for India with hashtag #YesWeCan!

Five out of these pressing changes given via my tweets have found small places in this very special ‪#‎MannKiBaat‬ E-book commemorating occasion of historic joint address of US President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

Read the E-book here:

The E-book is made really well with share buttons given on every page and for every published tweet. It is neatly divided into sections. Sharing the screenshots of the pages having my tweets...yes now I finally BELIEVE it! :D

@Action_Hope was bang on! 2 tweets in same page under section 'Connect India Digitally' of E-Book!
Under one of my favorite sections, an issue I am passionate about: 'Educate and Empower the Youth'

Under my favourite section of the PM's special E-book and in life as well, something I'm most passionate about: 'A Greener Step towards a Sustainable Future'

Under the Section 'Some Other Tweets', where tweets covering miscellaneous yet nevertheless very important topics were published

After the published tweets sections, follow the transcript of the entire #MannKiBaat radio programme, in which were discussed several important matters concerning both the oldest and largest practising democracies in the world.

Kudos to the PMO for coming up with this path-breaking idea of joint #MannKiBaat and creating history! US President Barack Obama cannot be more right when he quips- "We are making a lot of history in a short time!"

Now 125 crore Indians await the positive results of this engagement in the form of significant action on the ground. Hope religious, social and racial harmony prevails in both these large democracies, without which any project will face hurdles in taking off successfully.

"Mann ki Baat- That will echo forever" is the slogan.

My prayer is that "Let the echoes of peace, harmony, trust and goodwill always be heard throughout the world!" India must be the voice leading this! Jai Hind!


  1. That's really great Amrita! CONGRATSSSSSS !!!!!

  2. Amrita Ji! Superb. We wish you all the best.

    1. Thanks a lot Anil Ji! Need loads of best wishes! :) Always keep them coming please! :)

  3. Congratz Amrita! Your suggestions are really good & practical :)

  4. Amrita many congratulations!

  5. Yes We Can Amrita, nice post :)

  6. Wow.. that's something to be proud of, Amrita :)

  7. That's super, Amrita!
    Keep it up! May you attain more success!
    I love the e-book. Kudos to our tech-savvy PM's digital idea and Indian public's suggestions.
    Now waiting for implementation :)

    1. Thanks a lot Anita for good wishes! :) Really kudos 2 PM for path-breaking idea like this!

  8. superb congratulations! and also thanks for taking such initiative.

    1. Thanks so much Lata! It is my duty, pleasure, honour 2 b part of nation-building! :)

  9. Amrita, Great, Many many Congratulations :)


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