May 14, 2006

that guy

Open your veil,
Remove your bangles;
Let your hair down,
Stop living in shambles…………

Be a man-
Face the world.
Stop being that guy.
O faceless soul……………

The silhouette of anonymity,
Will not hide you….
Your vulnerable identity,
Lies between me and you……………..


  1. nice poem ...

    seems like ur emotions ... anyways ... i would like to listen that these are ur emotions ...and not that u are that proffessional to create such beauties in just 3 paragraphs ...
    i am an amateur and hence like to write emotions ...:D

  2. @Ashona111
    of course i m an amateur too! wat makes u think dis 2 b 'professional' stuff?!

    these are nothin apart from pure emotions........straight from my heart. dats y i love to write. i revel in my own creative satisfaction. Goin 2 a diffrent plane al2geder.

  3. geez... and here I was being happy thinking that I was the theme of that poem.

    You don't know me at all? O God. O shit.
    You still 'wrote for me.' Thanks. I value it.

    This vulnerable identity that lies between me and you also lies between me and the world. I couldn't loose it for a single woman's sake if the world is the price I pay.

    Nice poem, though you make me nervous when you say that the silhouette of anonymity will not hide me.

  4. this one was brings to my mind the remnants of the identity crises i have always had,and every time i tried to step outta the miserably i failed...

  5. This is a clarion call to the youth of our Nation!

    1. Wow...ppl hv interpreted this differently as seen frm each of d comments's directed actually at 'that guy' who commented on my posts hidin his identity! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks so mch!do keep reading my posts n givin ur comments!:)


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