June 29, 2014

Rath Yatra Day: Celebrating on Twitter-I

Rath Yatra is the Chariot Festival of the three presiding deities at Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha, India - Lord Jagannath, His elder brother Lord Balabhadra and His sister Goddess Subhadra.

My tweets on Rath Yatra Day today have been as below. I've almost tweeted 300 so far- so giving chosen ones in 2 posts! Enjoy reading them in a compiled form! We could make #RathYatraPuri trend in India and 'Jagannath' has been trending right throughout! :)

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Jagannatha Swamy Nayana Patha Gaami...Bhava Tumey! Jay Jagannath! It's d day when our beloved Lord goes on his annual outing!


has already started LIVE Telecast of majestic Raths and glorious Bada Danda of Puri! Hv U started tuning in yet?!

Lord Jagannath with siblings Devi Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra will go on outing to His Aunt's place and give Darshan 2 all!

Lord is so much like us! He loves goin out on his majestic chariots! B4 this on He had bath & fell ill too! 1/2

2/2..& aftr bein fully hale & hearty aftr taking special herbal medicines, Lord wid His siblings is all happy to com out! :D

The chariot of Lord Jagannath is known as Nandighosha.It is also known as Garudadhwaja and Kapidhwaja.

The Chariot of Jagannath has a yellow & red color canopy and it is also the largest of the chariots

The Lord's Car Festival signifies universal values of Love, Peace, Respect for Elders, keeping relationships intact! :)

It's a day of unity- wher all differences among ppl fade-rich/poor,man/woman,high/low caste,natl/intl- all pull d Chariots!:D

Glorious Jagannath Cult is d most universal,all encompassing..Lord's Temple is open 2 Hindus yet 2de Lord givs evry1 Darshan!

Thaka Mana Chala Jiba..Chaka Nayana Dekhiba.. O tired mind let us go...and see the Round Eyes of Lord Jagannath! Jay J'nath!

is showing LIVE Telecast of this colorful fetival wid a sea of ppl...how many of U r watching it?! :)

It's said dat those who pull Lord's ropes 2de won't hv Rebirth!So pious is 2de's occasion & Lord's ropes dat it gives salvatn

Pulling of ropes symbolises Mankind's movement fwd!Wheels hav been mankind's greatest idea ever..allowin mobility & progress!

  A sea of ppl...who knows-is Lord Jagannath hidden in human form too in d sea?Bhaktara Bhagawan-Devotee's Lord is J'nath! :)

A most unique celebration of J'nath culture!Chalanti Pratima or Living God He is- who comes out annually 2 meet all Bhakts!

Coastal pilgrimage town of Puri is overwhelmed by an ocean of humanity..a glorious sight indeed! NilaChakrey Ho!

As per tradition,Gundicha=Rani (queen) of Raja Indradyumna, legendary builder of 1st temple.She had initiatd d grand festival

Wanna kno more abt the Lord & this unique festival?! Do read:

Sea,sun,sand is Puri! & most importantly- Lord Jagannath's home!One of Char Dhams of Hindu pilgrimage,Puri is mst visit 4 all

HAS TO BE D TREND OF THE DAY! Join in Tweeples to celebrate this mega outing of Lord Jagannath! :D

& then it happened! :D

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top trending in India now.

**Part 2 of tweets comes up in next post! :D

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  1. Wow! So many tweets! Informative ones too, Amrita.
    Like you, even I tweeted like crazy today :)
    Nice to read your tweet-post as I had missed many tweets while being busy tweeting :)

    1. Thanks so mch Anita! Yes in fact even I'd hav missed urs! U could also try doin this! :)

  2. Happy to see this. Hope next year I can visit puri during the ratha yatra. Its been many many years since I have gone to puri on ratha yatra. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so mch! I welcome U to my blog! Plz do visit here more often! :)

  3. wow ! large number of tweets , some are informative also ! nice compiled

  4. I am surprised to see your efforts to make #RathYatraPuri as the top twitter trends in India. Great Amrita...

  5. Tweet mania... !..but they are nice to read.. :-0

  6. oops.. the emoticon was a typo ..it should be " :-) "

    1. Thanks a lot Maniparna! :D Dnt wrry abt emoticons...I kno wat U mean! :D


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