June 29, 2014

Rath Yatra Day: Celebrating on Twitter-II

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Here my selected tweets' compilation on auspicious #RathYatraPuri day continues! Catch Part I here.

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Source: @bikashindian 4m Twitter

Lord wid siblings will hv yummy Pithas at His Aunt's place!He'll b pampered n showered wid love n affectn! He's so like us!:)


Lord Jagannath is keenly watching the World wid his large round eyes..sinners will nvr go unpunished..His justice is Ultimate

Car Festival,Chariot Festival or Rath Yatra is nw celebrated almost in every country of d wrld!True Globalised Lord is He!:D

The Lord always trends worldwide-in every bhakt's heart!Now He trends Online too in India!

Pahandi-means the Lord & his siblings will b brought atop the chariots! :D Waiting fr d spectacle! watch @DDNational 2 see!

Lord Jagannath makes dreams com true of his bhakts..He has tremendous powers 4 He rules the World..Jay Jagannath! :D

Patita Pabana Bana aau ketey belaku... Waiting fr U Lord to be seated like King on Ur magnificent Chariot ! :)

Puri Gajapati (King) Dibyasingh Deb will b sweepin Lord's chariot wid golden broom-ChheraPahanra!King of Men will serve Lord!

Chariot-makers have toiled for over a fortnight to mk these ravishing Raths or Chariots!Their lives r blessed indeed!:)

Human-like Lord who has bath on ,gets fever,recovers by herbal medicine,then goes out 2 celebrate wid siblings!

Devasis Sarangi wrote:
I was unhappy that I was not able 2see The Lord Jagannath physically . But posibly I was chosen 2 serve 2 help trend him here

My reply:
& guess wat?!There's a sea of humanity here too making Lord trend! :D


  1. Nice pics and info again, Amrita.
    Great that you have shared your tweets here. Else, they get lost in the Twitter TL :)

    1. Thanks Anita! Yes this way they r preserved nicely! :D

  2. Lovely pictures Amrita ! Ans so are the tweets, so witty!

  3. Great work Amrita...

  4. Thanks for the mention Amrita :)

  5. Good pics and witty tweets. Good one Amirta :)


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