April 23, 2014

T: Tihar

Did you know all this?!

  • Tihar Jail (TJ) is the largest jail complex in South Asia, located in 'Tihar village', New Delhi. 
  • It is also called 'Tihar Ashram' as correctional activities aim to transform prisoners to good citizens who can join society again.
  • Four of its inmates have written a book of poems called 'Tinka Tinka Tihar' which was released recently.
  • It has its own TJ FM channel and RJs are creative jail inmates, some of whom have even got jobs outside after their release!
  • It has its own rock band who sing and compose wonderful original songs! Watch the video here:
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXCyVtC2idI
  • Inmates make several products which are sold at various outlets of Delhi including bakery, bags, accessories, pickles, chips and lots more!
  • Inmates fulfilling some conditions under a unique programme are allowed to work outside and get back to jail everyday!
  • A whopping 968 metre long mural covering entire front wall of TJ was recently inaugurated in Delhi's Street Art Festival! A poem 'Chardiwari' (Four walls) also in the book 'Tinka Tinka Tihar' is painted alongwith ravishing pictures!

However, some sad facts are also that:
  • It has total 13,552 inmates - almost double the sanctioned capacity.
  • Out of  these, almost 75% are under-trials.
  • Most of them are young and undergo depression, for which meditation and constructive activities are encouraged.
  • Lack of legal help is a big problem as court cases stretch for decades.
  • Facilities to prisoners like sports and other requirements are lacking for want of space. 

Therefore, here's hoping that court cases are speeded up, inmates get the right to speedy trial and legal aid, and more facilities are provided for them respecting their right to dignity and individual development.

Yet my sincerest wish is- May TJ and indeed every jail have lesser prisoners in future, due to India's economic growth and lessening of crimes with more employment and development!

**This is my post for letter 'T' of A to Z Challenge 2014.

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  1. Rajeev moothedathApril 23, 2014 5:15 PM

    This was a very informative post-Lot of which I did'nt know.Thanks

  2. Great Amrita, the points which you pointed in sad facts are really eye opener points...

    1. Thanks Alok! Yes things have to move fast to ensure prisoners' rights r upheld...

  3. What a thought! T for Tihaar! :D

  4. It's so innovative !! T for Tihar ! and thanks for sharing the unknown facts ...

  5. informative post :) .. looking at the title i thought you will share different experience :P

    1. Ha ha! :) Thanks Ankur! I know how 2 manage xpectations! :P

  6. An unusual, refreshingly different choice for T!
    The initial list has interesting facts, but the sad facts must be addressed soon.

    Visited via A-Z. My A-Z theme, ‘26 Positive Takes on Life’ generally focuses on positive, truly heart-warming, real-life incidents involving ordinary persons whom we can all emulate.

    1. Thanks so much ProactiveIndian! :) Will visit ur site too! :)

  7. Informative and adding to that It occupies the most wanted as well as most celebrated politicians from all over India :)

    1. Yes of course! Who can forget that?! :P & movie stars too!


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