March 16, 2007


I've known U for long,
Still why are U a stranger?

U peep in and make me happy,
And then U are gone.

U are me, and I am U,
But still U are U.

I just want to be U forever,
And I will be too........
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I know not anything,
A drop in the ocean.

Let me be buried under the earth,
Let me be torn by a tiger.

Let me be burnt by Helios,
Let me be poisoned to the brim.

Let me be sucked of my blood,
Let me be hungry to death.

Let me be thirsty till eternity,
Let me be whipped and beaten.

Let me be tortured and chained,
Let me be imprisoned and jailed.

And still I shall survive.

Despite all,
I will win.

March 4, 2007

There was not a bitter day,
When I did not feel better.

There was not a happy day,
When I was not melancholy.

There was not a bright day,
When there was no darkness...

There is no single day,
When everything happens,
And everything does not happen.......
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