May 20, 2014

How does Modi inspire?

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This is not possible. Unless Modi is gifted with powers to inspire (he calls himself 'Jaadugar' or magician) he cannot move a nation of 125 crore people to tears, to elation, to pure inspiration- all at the same time.

And guess what?! Such powers need not be gifted...they can be cultivated- through years of committed work, through focus, through centralising the forces of the Universe within our beings....the best of 'the power of attraction', when the Universe conspires to give us everything we really want coz we work unimaginably hard for it. Clearly, Modi's life story brims with the cultivation of his extra-ordinary powers to inspire people. Mind you- it's such unending spiritual energy that energises masses and classes alike.

In most of his interviews, I saw a statue of Swami Vivekanand behind him.

May 18, 2014

Hopes for India : 'Modi'fied

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This is an unbelievable and super-decisive victory for Modi-led BJP! In my previous post I had wished for stable government, and look how decisively Indian electorate has voted! :)

This only shows how frustrated Indian electorate had been with so many years of dilly-dallying coalition politics, with minority governments running with 'outside support'. No wonder a meagre number of bills were passed, crores looted while the Prime Minister who was supposed to be the Leader of the Government, sat silent singing shayaris that tsunamis would come if he spoke! And look what his 'Khamoshi' brought about- a 'Tsu-Namo' that's swept India in saffron!

May 8, 2014

Politainment- courtesy 24*7 Media + Clever Media-Planning by political parties!

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This is phenomenal. I was just watching "LIVE" coverage of Narendra Modi's cavalcade going towards party Office in Varanasi. This is mass hysteria. Very clever planning so far by the party- the 24*7 media is doing all it takes to cover this!

The smartest way to get into India's and indeed the world's every household's drawing room is to build a campaign with as much hysteria as possible so that 24*7 news channels cover it anyhow! The party is leveraging this like never before! [I seriously feel AAP was ahead in this department but sadly lost out due to its 40-days-and-over strategy!]
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