February 28, 2014

Fishing with my Friend

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My friend and me sat fishing by the river quietly when he suddenly broke the silence by asking, "Have you ever felt like a fish out of water?"

I said, "No."

In the flash of a second he edged closer and pushed me into the water.

February 27, 2014

3 Things that inspire me about #Sachin

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Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket. "Legends never retire". Yes, he is a Legend and the youngest winner and first sportsperson to get India's Highest Civilian Award- the Bharat Ratna.

First thing that inspires me about Sachin is his persona- childlike, humble, forever young coz he keeps learning for life!

Second thing inspiring me about Sachin is his being a complete family man. So caring about his family inspite of a totally hectic cricket schedule for so many years! His farewell speech was the best pointer about how closely he regards every person connected to him, like his extended family!

February 25, 2014

What Winning means to Me

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Winning is the springboard driving me to greater heights,
The only act that keeps me kicking and alive!
Winning provides the rich flow of feel-best hormones,
Alongwith glowing health, it propels me further towards stardom!

When I win, the feeling of fulfilment completes me,
The sweet fruit of my passionate efforts reinvigorate me!
It is to experience this ecstasy that I work ever harder,
Winning to me is panacea- both a healer and propeller!

My win happens due to my blood, sweat and toil,
Sacrifices, plans and preparations for a long time!
And of course sending out signals to the Universe,
And attracting towards myself its most positive vibes!

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So that it can conspire in my favour,
So that it can write my victory chapter, 
So that it can be one with my burning desire,
                                             That it can make me win surpassing all barriers!

                                        Winning makes living my life worthwhile and meaningful!                                         My every win brings pride to all my life's beloved people!
                                  Winning enthuses me to work more passionately and ever better,
                                        It infuses me with renewed vigour to be a winner forever!

February 23, 2014

#ConditionSeriousHai :: The Case of the Bespactacled *MBA* & IAS Aspirant

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A lady who had passed from the  institute so *daring*!
Trained under 'Chotiwaaley Baba', she was an *MBA* high-flying!
There she got the gold medal of the topper,
And now wants to become a *daring* IAS officer!

White skin color like a frozen rose,
Thorny in her every encounter and approach!
So rude and never a smile,
Even if many smiled at her a couple of times!
With care she is left and picked up daily,
A frigid air ; Madam-Know-It-All types!

Initially guys drooled over her,
Yet arrogance cost her all her fans!

February 21, 2014

Series of Micropoetry

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whispered to you 
about me 
are all true 
peacock blue 
Krishna's flute

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Beautiful lines 
Of poems 
Take the heart away 
For moments 
And you are lost 
Between the lines 
And outside of them


February 17, 2014

Recognising Beauty

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Her eyes shine,
With a glint of hope,
A glint of happiness,
A glint of sweetness.

She has no despair,
No hint of sorrow.
She is free from pain,
Liberated from worldly bonds.

February 15, 2014

Love is in the Air...and in the Sand! :)

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Do you know about "The International Sand Art Festival" organised by Odisha Tourism every December by the golden sands of Chandrabhaga Beach in Konark, Odisha?! In case you do not know, please read my previous post in which I relive my enchanting experience of this unique festival.
On the day I visited there, amongst the exquisite thirty sand-art exhibits, I encountered a beautiful sand-art by a French Sand Artist. 
Let me tell you at the outset that I've always associated France with Romance! What with the French Kiss and all that! And Paris is the City Of Love after all!
So, I was not at all surprised to see the theme of the French artist's sand-sculpture! It was L-O-V-E all the way!

February 14, 2014

International Sand Art Festival, Chandrabhaga Beach, Konark, Odisha

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The Konark Sun Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is situated about 70 km away from Odisha's sprawling and beautiful capital, 'Temple City' Bhubaneswar. Every winter, around the first week of December, Odisha Tourism organises two conjoined events of great importance in Konark, namely The International Sand Art Festival at Chandrabhaga Beach of Konark and The Konark Dance Festival with the splendid 13th Century Konark Temple as the backdrop of divine Indian classical dance performances.

I had the great fortune of attending the 2012 edition of both these events at Konark which were held from December 1st to 5th. I went on only a single day (2nd December) yet was able to fully immerse myself in the grandeur of these events such that it has remained etched in my mind ever since. This post is dedicated to reliving my International Sand Art Festival experience, and I'll present my Konark Dance Festival experience in an exclusive post, which it rightfully deserves.

I've preserved the fab invite too!

An invite to mesmerise the depths of your soul!

Internationally-renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik, recently awarded with Padma Shri, has been the Brand Ambassador of this major festival- a congregation of sand artists from around the world. Around 30 sand artists from Japan, France, Korea, Germany, Norway and of course India had put up their exquisite sand arts in a row that day. I was actually dumb-struck as I was seeing sand-art in front of my eyes, LIVE, for the first time in my life! A less-known fact (quoting from the invite) is that: prevalence of sand sculpture in Odisha dates back to the 14th Century. No wonder, the golden sands of Odisha's pristine 450 km coastline surely provide the perfect canvas to build the most breath-taking sand-arts in the world!

February 11, 2014

Prisoners of Your Mind

You thought you cannot move out ?
That your hopes, dreams are pinned here ?

Prisoners of your mind,
Alas! You are,
Prisoners of your own mind.

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You felt you cannot explore ?
That your words none will hear ?

Prisoners of your mind,
Alas! You are,
Prisoners of your own mind.

February 8, 2014

Biju Pattnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar

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Airports are the first receiving points for tourists travelling by air into any country, state or city. It is rightly said thus, that the state of the airports determine the 'welcome' experience for especially the foreign tourists. Whether that experience turns out to be 'welcoming' or not, forms the first impressions of the country/state/city in the minds of the visitors.

In the country of 'Atithi Devo Bhava' or 'Visitor/Guest is like God', !ncredible !ndia must pay special attention towards building top class airports connecting all states of the country, to welcome her Guests
in the best way possible. We have made great progress in this direction no doubt, especially since the last six years or so, when swanky and colossal world-class airports have come up not just in Tier-I
cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad etc. in PPP mode but also in Tier-II cities like Nagpur, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar and so on. [Report: In the last five years, AAI has developed and upgraded 58 airports, including 35 non-metroairports.]

Here I embark on a journey to tell U what makes the new terminal of Bhubaneswar Airport inaugurated on 5th March 2013 quite a charming and admirable place as well as in what sense it remains wanting- by solving which it will become truly world-class!
- Wide & separate/dedicated entry & exit roads makes travelling to and from the airport very fast and convenient.
- The Airport's exterior boasts of extremely well maintained lawns and flower-plants which fills the heart with happiness! Sure it's a ravishing sight! All flowers in full bloom too this time of the year!

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