August 18, 2009

A lump in my throat,
And tears roll down,
I feel so restless,
So helpless I become...

Each moment spent with you,
I miss, I cherish.
I relive each of those moments,
And tears roll down.

That day's wind,
Blows through my face,
You sit beside me,
And I relive those days.

The moon shines bright,
The road beckons me,
I rush through the road,
To find you again...

You are waiting for me,
To wrap me in your arms,
I feel your warmth, your love-
It gushes through my blood...

Lines blur,
Between imagination and reality,
I live the reality you gave me,
And my present becomes yours again...

August 2, 2009

XIMB: An Experience

There I was,
Standing at the gate,
The mighty institution,
Beckoning my fate.

I walked into,
The world of possibilities,
Which would mould me,
Into the best I can ever be.

A packed academic schedule,
And presentations galore,
Meetings for projects and assignments,
There’s barely time to snore!

Yes we party and how-
JLTs are ultimate fun!
The unique culture here rocks,
Parichay, and then Sambandh.

The XIM journey is on,
And I am cruising along,
Each minute brings with it,
Unknown challenges unfurled...
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