October 2, 2012

Power of Sunshine

Sunshine, rain and thunder,
All at the same time.

The sun takes away,
The Thunder of thunder;
Making it cause,
No crackling fear,
In the listener.

'Coz sunshine is merry, bright.

Nothing stands in its way,
Of spreading cheer,
And Reassurance about Life.......

For you

What had you thought?
That you could raise a tempest in me,
And then disappear?
That you could once lend your shoulder,
To dry my tears?
That you could create a sweet turmoil,
And make me your dear?
That you could give me all the happiness,
And evict all my fears?

That you could fight anytime with me,
And consequences I would bear?
That you would stay far away from me,
And expect me to be near?

Sorry, that's not done.
I'm free, independent.
I'm not the Doll you want me to be,
Neither the Trophy your world wants to see.

I won't leave my entire world,
Just to be in yours.
I won't give you my soul,
Just for the claim of 'love'.

Question Marks

Are you tired,
Of my question marks?
You feel I ask,
Too much?

Don't you understand?
That questions are instruments,
To make you think deeper?

The key to all learning?
The avenue to discover yourself , 
And your world?

There now-
Caught you,
Thinking so much more......:)


The world behind me,
Maybe sizzling and burning-
I do not turn back.

My sights are entrenched,
Firmly ahead.
Not scared,
Of a semblance of blaze.

I dare the fire,
To rage before my eyes.
And it doesn't.

Instead I create new paths,
And I trailblaze......
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