March 25, 2014

Five Things I wish to do in Malaysia!

There are lots of things I've never done in my life. I wanna do them for the first time ever in Malaysia- truly Asia. I truly, madly, deeply wanna do the following 5 things in Malaysia!

(1) Scuba Diving in Semporna Islands- Yes! I've never scuba-dived in my life! I wanna experience this at South Eastern Sabah in Malaysia in the lively Semporna Islands!

(2) Bungee Jumping at Kuala Lumpur- Never bungee jumped before! I wanna feel weightless when I bungee jump in Kuala Lumpur and shout "yooohooooooooooooo"!

March 22, 2014

He and Me

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I was angry and sad. Just because I had not given his favourite office shirt and pant for ironing, he screamed his lungs out at me.

And then he thundered that he won't have his bread and butter, with steaming hot omlette which I had kept on the dining table.


He simply wore his socks and shoes and left hurriedly in his car ...without kissing me goodbye.

I was so dejected and annoyed- at myself, at him. At myself more than at him. What right did I have to give him a bad day at office?

I took out a paper and pen and started writing. Furiously. Crazily. It was the only way to keep myself sane.

I don't know exactly for how long I wrote, but then probably after fifteen minutes I heard his car screech to a halt.

March 21, 2014

#DoRight for Talented #Raghurajpur Artists in #Odisha

Natural colours filled delicately on unique eco-friendly canvasses,
Exquisite work of Raghurajpur artists of Odisha is a treat to the senses!

Be spellbound by the magnificence of their marvellous art,
Buy directly from them the masterpieces which touch every beholder's heart....

The right thing for all of us to do,
Is to visit this artists' village of great heritage,
And see for ourselves their art and hard work,
And pay them the right price then and there....

Artists crouch for hours to create the most brilliant art pieces in Raghurajpur

Else unfortunately middlemen meddle,
To make hefty gains at their cost...
To do right is to recognise the arts' true worth,
To never make these uber talented artists feel lost... 

March 17, 2014

Book Review :: What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat

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Flipkart has this...

‘What Young India Wants’ is the first attempt by the best selling
author of ‘cool’ racy novels like 5 Point Someone, 2 States, 3
Mistakes of My Life and so on to write non-fiction on the harsh
challenges facing India. Through this book of 181 pages only, he tries
to make discussion of these serious topics the ‘new cool’ (after
tragedy of course, for those who have watched the 2 States movie
trailer!) among youth of India.

Go Further To Get Closer

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I asked God, "How far do I have to go to look for him and be close to him? After all, in a way, the whole world - now twenty-five strong countries...are looking for him...."

God said- "You have to go till the end of the world for him...."

Amazed and confused I said- "But I don't know where is that..."

With eyes shining like a billion stars, God said- "So find out...."

March 12, 2014

My #TravelSmartWithSkyscanner Destination: Singapore!

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I woke up with a start. A most beautiful lady dressed in shiny golden robes with a heavenly smile, belonging to some country of South-East Asia stood there doing 'Namaste' to me. Exactly like I had seen in picture postcards of Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Source: Wiki Commons

She said nothing- simply smiled with a most bright halo around her head. Simultaneously I saw multicoloured lights twinkling from behind the closed doors of my cupboard. It was surreal- my room was flooded with brilliant lights and I was absorbed in a spell of magic.

March 8, 2014

Today is International Women's Day....K?!

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She (with beaming smile on her face): Today is International Women's Day! Yayyy!

He (nonchalantly): K. So?


She (small frown): Don't you know about it?! This was the day when working women around the world demanded equal pay and rights, with a huge protest led in Russia in 1917.

He (matter of factly): K.

She (elatedly and playfully): So U have to be my Santa Claus today!

He (romantically): K. Like taking U for movie 'Queen', spa and dinner huh so you'll feel like a real queen?!
She (suggestively): Not just you have to promise me something....

March 7, 2014

How God punished Furious Rutu

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Ten-year-old Rutu had closed the bedroom door behind her with a thud and locked herself up again for the umpteenth time.

Her mother had warned her against doing it- still Rutu did as she was furious with her mother just because she had firmly told her to switch off the TV.

Living In his (He)art

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He could stare at her
For hours together.
Feel her hair on his face
From dawn till sunset.
Make her feel like a princess
Till time lasted...

March 6, 2014

Time to spread Inspiration :: Satyamev Jayate

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'Inspiring' is an art. Every person's life has glimpses of inspiration for all. These can be spotted by those who make an attempt to look for sparks of it. And the good news is- in a country of a billion plus people, there is no dearth of inspiration in everyday life!

Yet it is true that most Indians are largely inspired by the two so-called religions of India- Cricket and Bollywood. So, life stories and good works of Sachin, Big B, the Khans and so on are too well known and inspire people to make it big in life - to always work with passion and dedication.

#DovePlay :: How I play with my hair!

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A woman's ornament is her hair. Beautiful, long, shiny, dandruff-free hair is every woman's dream! And needless to say- for a man- one of the prime attraction factors in a woman!

Watch this lovely Dove Play Video first to see how model Aditi plays with her hair:

No, I don't curl my hair, straighten it, color it as per my whim! I love my hair to be natural- the way God wants it to be! Long, black and wavy!

Generally, I make a nice long bouncy ponytail! And fun games with my ponytail is played by a natural agent- the Wind- with me giving this playful friend a free rein- allowing it to go crazy!

Kanya @ Kanyakumari: I love the Wind playing with my Hair!

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