August 26, 2014

Geopolitical Developments in Asia-Pacific region

Asia-Pacific region is an important area for India's 'Look East'  Policy. On the one hand, India wants to engage deeply especially for trade, economics, energy, military cooperation etc. while on the other
recent geopolitical developments have made this difficult for India.

Such developments are listed below:

a) China-Japan antagonism over Senkaku islands-
This has snowballed into major controversy with China even declaring ADIZ over common airspace. Several Japanese companies have faced protest in China. India is treading cautiously both with China and Japan to keep friendly relation with both and wooing both for trade. Japan is being courted for more infrastructure investment and also for civil-nuclear engagement.

August 25, 2014


Fake reality,
Fake perceptions.
Fake assurances,
Fake intentions.

                                                            Fake smiles,
                                                            Fake hope.
                                                            Fake alertness,
                                                            Fake dope.

August 12, 2014

Ebola Virus

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Ebola virus is a deadly virus which has spread in West African countries like Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria etc. killing almost 1000 people so far.

Effect on health:
It leads to nausea, body pain, headache, and may culminate in deadly haemorrhagic fever. As no known cure or vaccine exists for it, ebola virus has proved to be very deadly for irreversible effects on health.

Method of spread:
First it spreads from fruit bats to humans. Then, it spreads if a healthy person comes in contact with bodily fluids (blood, semen, urine etc.) of affected person. Also, evidence so far does not suggest that it is air-borne.

Why countries are worried about its spread:
a) Due to a globalised, inter-connected world, people travelling from West Africa to other countries via flights, ships etc. may pass on the virus if they have used the loos of the transport. This multiplies chances of spreading disease.

August 8, 2014

Row over UPSC CSAT

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Source: India Today

An unnecessary row has broken out over CSAT. A few pointers on what I feel about it:

a) It was not introduced in 2011 in haste, rather since 2001 recommendations had been made to overhaul the system to provide level field for all backgrounds' candidates. UPSC started with overhauling Prelim in 2011, then Main in 2013. Yes what UPSC should have done is- since 2008 or so, it should have announced that from 2011 a new pattern will b introduced & given syllabus in advance- then people would have had headstart of 2 or 3 years. Then 'extra attempt' for 'sufferers' who gave attempt in 2011 could have been avoided.

b) Hindi vs Eng: Most Hindi students coming on TV say 'Eng is not problem'. Translation is problem coz software is used for this. This is unfortunate- for sch a prestigious exam couldn't UPSC ensure a team of translators to provide proper translation of big English Comprehension passages? OK now that they know, translation needs to made correct. So I don't know who advised the govt to not include easiest 8 qns of paper- some proper advise to reprint Hindi translation even for Aug 24 would have helped. Coz even now this basic thing's not been addressed.

August 3, 2014

Do the Gold!

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She was practicing Table Tennis in the garage of her home. He was shooting his target to glory with his portable shooting practice kit in his hotel room- even while stealing some time away from his cousin's reception evening below. The Men's Hockey Team was sweating it out on the field, practicing hard. She was wrestling in her akhada, her sisters egging her on with better techniques to defeat the opponents. He was bettering his badminton shots at the P. Gopichand Academy under the lights. She was boxing against all odds, like there was no tomorrow, with single focus. He was weightlifting unimaginably heavy weights in a private gym, for the government never kept its promise to give him a world class gym inspite of him being a previous gold medal winner. She was vaulting with all her gymnastic grace and strength to perfect her art. He was throwing the discus again and again, struggling to better his best throw....

........And it rained that night.

Yes. It rained. It felt like their sweat was mixing with the rain water and liberating them. Giving them fresh energy. More strength to wrestle harder. To fight the Judo better. To hit every badminton shot with more force. To lift the extra 2 kgs beyond 300. To drive that hockey stick to hit more goals. To shoot to ever more perfection. To achieve the ultimate. To create history.

To do the Gold....
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