July 25, 2020

Series of Micropoetry-VIII


Her glance

Led the world

Into a trance

Fleeting moments

When all were absorbed

In a divine romance


The incense

Of his words

Fill her heart

With the fragrance

Of the poet

Well versed

This was dated 7/1/2015. Publishing today - 25/7/2020.

Series of Micropoetry-V


A little lonely
A little happy
A dash of solitude
In a crowd of loners


Men with many faces they are-
Show something to the world,
Yet plotting something else,
Something sinister all the time.


Every day is to rejoice,
Knowing there's no other choice!
Life is short and sweet,
Enjoy every day as a treat!

This was dated 7/1/2015. Publishing today - 25/7/2020.

Series of Micropoetry-VII


hither and thither
to flow
by the flat plains
of desires meagre


His voice calls out to me
Makes me despair

Am I at the altar
Losing myself
Without a care 


Those same wolf eyes
That looked for blood
And found peace


This was dated 7/1/2015. Publishing today - 25/7/2020.

Bunny and Freedom

Bunny on your back,
Take me where I ask.

Do what I say,
Fulfil every task.

Love and rewards will pour,
Happiness will open doors,
And I will be your bunny,
No more......


This was dated 24/12/2014. Publishing today - 25/7/2020.

Green Mountain in Munnar

It was a green mountain in Munnar. The place was called Echo Point and U could do pedal-boating there. The lake was green as well, and looked serene and secure amongst all the high mountains and clouds. Maybe the lake was reflecting the colour of the mountains. Maybe that's Love. U can see Ur reflection in the Loved One. Or maybe, the Loved One is just mirroring your qualities and gradually, U both become so alike that U become ONE......

Ok fine. I didn't set out to write about this. I set out to write something which awed me, as much as it pleased me, and covered me with a blanket of green. Now, whenever I want, I can see the trees of that mountain. Tall, coniferous, deodar-like trees, waving and dancing happily in the wind. They were one happy Brotherhood, rejoicing and celebrating Life. They were waving out to me and shouting out to me and showing off their dance and their extreme happiness. Some were not dancing- they were just staring at me. But the others were having a jolly time- like real roly-poly people, ready to bounce off from there any moment. Shouting and being playful to each other as well as to me. Inviting me right inside their party- their eternal party with the wind through them, the Sun playing Hide and seek with them and the water almost tranquil.


*This was dated 2/9/2013. I was probably copying from one of my many notebooks where I keep writing stuff. So this was about my Munnar Trip with my Wipro office colleagues in 2008. I couldn't finish copying my entire writeup and the last line was "water almost tranquil at the". I don't know where is the rest of the writeup. For now, we have to suffice with this much, and think that this itself is complete.

Isn't every incomplete, complete in some way?

July 24, 2020

Paisa Vasool

Paisa vasool:

1) In India, Grandmas' jewellery, sarees, toys, utensils, sweaters, shawls and so on are passed on to Moms. These are given to daughters which in turn are given to their children. So this is full paisa vasool with special and fond memories!

2) India is the original home of sustainability. Instead of uncomfortable synthetic diapers for babies, the first choice is to reuse Mom's and Grandma's old cotton sarees for making diapers. Paisa vasool!

3) I have used old NCERT books first used by my siblings. Now my niece uses them!

4) Essay: joke goes like this:-
Once Raju submitted essay about 'Cow' to his teacher. Irritated, the teacher asked, "Why have you submitted the exact same essay that your brother had written ten years back?" Raju replied, "But Ma'am, the cow is the same one!" Even for an essay, it is paisa vasool!

5) At the sabziwala, paisa vasool is seen in full force! People invariably say, "Put in some curry leaves and mint in the bag!" at the time of paying the vegetable vendor!

6) We love to innovate. It is called 'jugaad'. No wonder so many people have created new products.


*This article was dated 11/6/2015. I am revisiting my blog after long, hence publishing this today - 24/7/2020.
Such a coincidence! Today only our #Odisha #handloom #brand @Utkalamrita did an Insta Live with @chetnasart on the topic of "Upcycling and Sustainable Fashion"! Watch it here!


Like the King 
Of the world 
Watches on 

As the humans 
On a chessboard 
Move like pawns

Images change 
Like colors 
Of the chameleon
Time reveals 
The nature of a person

*This post was in my draft, dated 27 March 2015. I am publishing it today- 24/7/2020.

ତୁ ଫେରିବୁ

ମୋ ଜୀବନକୁ ଶୂନ୍ୟ କରି ଯାଉଛୁ କିମ୍ପାଇଁ?
ତୋ ଜୀବନ ଶୂନ୍ୟ ହେବ-
ତେବେ ଫେରିବୁ ମୋ ପାଇଁ । 

English Translation:

Why are you going leaving my life in emptiness?
Your life will be empty-
Then you will return back for me.

*This was in my draft, dated 2015. I have published this today - 24/7/2020.
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