July 29, 2014

Creativity Uninterrupted

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All these tunes,
And lines of poetry,
That come and go,
While I'm in deep sleep...

Wish they got stored,
On their own,
In a part of my brain-
So I could recall those,
Later whenever my eyes opened...!

Coz I know I'm Beethoven,
And Wordsworth at my resting best...!

July 28, 2014

Puppy Love

A funny thing happened on my way to school- a fluffy puppy came yelping and squealing to me!

I could not resist myself from picking up the cute thing and caressing it lovingly!

Sometime later, as I continued to play and jump with the sweet pup, I saw a litter of fluffy puppies coming...towards me!

They looked anxious, yet were fearless- in search of their missing brother.

July 25, 2014

#WHATTHEBLACK :: The 5 Black Things I want

1. Black God- Lord Jagannath's Grace -
Lord Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe is also called 'Kalia' - the Black One or 'Kala Thakura'- the Black God.


There is an Odia prayer- 'Kalia, mo dehe bolide to deha kala...'
Translated it means- 'Oh Jagannath, please smear the black of your body onto my body...'

I badly need Lord Jagannath's grace! Black is supreme. Black is the embodiment of all knowledge. Black is the colour of the Lord of the Universe.
I have shared my post on the Black colour of Lord Jagannath HERE.

Maa Kali is also black. I pray for her blessings too...

2. Black Colored Handloom Dress-Material/Saree -
Odisha has amazing Sambalpuri & other handloom works. Black Chanderi Sarees from MP look elegant too.

July 14, 2014

My Asus Superphone's Unique Super Power!

Dear Troopers into the Well of the House,

If you think you will quench the thirst of your eternal demands by trooping into the 'Well', let me tell you that you are doing the greatest disservice to our great Nation.


You are putting crores and crores of hard-earning taxpayers' money deep into a dry well each time sessions are adjourned. Just like so many poor 3-and-above year old children have been falling into dry borewell open holes and die gruesome deaths, tax monies with life of their own to feed and care for millions, die immediate deaths due to your parochial behaviour.

There are so many Parliamentary devices for you to raise your demands and issues- short duration discussion, zero hour, calling attention motion, half-an-hour discussion, adjournment motion, censure motion and so on. Why don't you use them?
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