September 20, 2012

You've come, you're Welcome

So, you've come?
To hold my hand?
To fly with me?
To break free?
To fasten my palpitations?
To re-electrify my nerves?
To pump up my adrenalin?
To spice up my life?
To banish my fears?
To wipe my tears?
To drive away
Those poisoning thoughts?
To propel my dreams
Towards reality?
To make me believe 
I am the best?

Sir, you're welcome to my world.
Small, simple, gracious;
I've been waiting so long,
For your benign presence....

From my Treasure Trove (FMTT)

I was cleaning up the attic and found a treasure trove of my scribblings at the back of my Engineering Notebooks and even MBA ones. So I've decided to quit being lazy and to type these out for my blog.:)

They are undated yet timeless. For I am what I have been and what I am. Every moment of my life has shaped me to be what I am today. And still, every new moment is moulding me in a newer way. The previous post- 'To a Special Girl' is one such scribble from my engg days. Just to keep reminding you that I'm posting from my past scribbles, I'm gonna call these 'From my Treasure Trove' (FMTT!). Some are raw, rebellious, daring and some are kind,soft, skillful. Yet others are all these and more. Do keep pouring in your comments, so I can feel happy that I've touched your deepest chords yet again....thanks to shedding my laziness....:)

To a Special Girl

What do you have about you?
You are so simple,
So damn innocent,
So ordinary,
So firmly on the earth.

What's special?
Your eyes?
Your lips?
Your look?
Or your smile?

They may not tell,
But actually,
They love you,
For what you are.

Perhaps you have to realise,
That you are more than,
What you think you are.

'Coz it is the power,
Of your soul so pure,
Which is so attractive,
And so mesmerizing.

Just close your eyes,
And feel the power,
The beauty,
Of your personality.

Your purity
And innocence
Are the true ingredients
Of your beauty.

Oh! Come on!
Realise this!
Feel beautiful!
You foolish girl!!
Separation does him good,
Probably worse,
He can't decide.
He misses her more,
Falls more in love,
Feels she feels so too,
Doesn't know for sure.

He sees her in every train,
In every concert,
Crossing every lane;
Realises he's seven seas apart-
So it couldn't be her;
Still a tear trickles down.

He sees couples in love,
Kissing anywhere, enjoying in bliss;
Every cell of his body longs for her,
Every bit of his soul cries out her name.

Every moment lynches him,
Every day is a punishment.
He would have to bear it all,
Probably to meet her one day,
In Heaven....

Let's Write

Let's write,
To forget our pain.
Let's write,
Praising sunshine and rain.
Let's write,
Screaming out our hearts.
Let's write,
Crying for souls pulled apart.

Let's write,
Heavily doped in emotion.
Let's write,
Not carin' about creating sensation.
Let's write,
To promote world peace.
Let's write,
To expose world greed.

Let's write,
To create a world of escape.
Let's write,
Be us asleep or awake.
Let's write,
On the border between sanity and insanity.
Let's write,
Forgettin' critics, blasphemy and vanity.

Let's write,
To beak all walls.
Let's write,
To be immortal.

Not a moment widout thinkin of U

Seas of memories, islands of tears,
Wish you could spend with me, some more years...

Wish I could sleep on your lap, some more time,
Wish I could feel your soothing hands, on mine...

Wish you could see me, achieve the very best,
Wish you could see me, racing ahead of the rest...

Wish you calmed me, when I still feel lost,
Wish you held my hand n led me across-
This cruel world, this selfish lot
These ungrateful, wretched, rotten hearts...

Gimme power to bear them all,
Gimme your unending care n pray tell how to love all...

I know in the heavenly abode
You are twinkling like a Star-
With your pink cheeks, milky white skin, shiny long hair,
With your resplendent n eternal beauty, your magical elegance...

Shower our lives oh most Gracious Goddess,
With your blessings and Heavenly Radiance...

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