December 25, 2006


While overwhelming when it comes,
Momentary only it is........
Wraps the senses with exceeding pleasure,
Desire....that is.

Just giving in,
Without a fight;
No fun without
The battle of mental might.

That sweet victory of resistance,
After a viciously fought battle,
Is what truly is
The purity and charm,
Of virginity....

Losing it just like that,
To the typhoon of lust,
Is a loss most sour,
Is utter disgrace......

Higher than this high
Is the highest high
Of victory
After resistance.....

Of patience,
Till you get,
Your perfect someone....
Your soulmate.......

December 24, 2006

The warmth & the light

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The wintry night warmed my hands,
And left me alone to muse.
I loved the sheer tenderness,
That this chilly night had bestowed.

Perhaps it was the warmth within me,
Deep in my soul;
Spreading through my body,
And making me feel like gold.

Fresh as a bloomed flower,
I muse about life;
What with the night around me,
And the celestial light.

I am lit up;
The light in a thousand dark miles.

I am the oasis in the fiery desert.
And the rain in the lands so dry.

I am the Sun- rising, setting and rising,
And the Glory, for whom Humanity has been waiting.

I have come, I am here.
Let there be no vice, no fear.

Hold my hand, we shall go far,
Don't look below- look up at the stars...........

December 15, 2006

Fill your Life with Love

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The constancy of any emotion with time, be it pain, joy, respect, ecstasy, attraction or fear, is an untruth. If a person says that the feeling towards sumthing or somebody is always the same, then surely that's a lie. Coz, the only truth is- change.

U want to hate somebody. Then, the mind will simply open the key to that chamber, which contains all the hurting memories of that person. And your body will cringe in hatred. Full of negative energy. And overwhelming desires to retaliate. To hurt back.

But, U want to love somebody. Then your mind makes U relive those blissful moments spent with that person; the pituitary gland takes command and releases all the 'feel-good' hormones through your blood.
And there U are- ecstatic, beaming and radiant....!

That's why they say- fill your life with love.
Forget and forgive prople who have behaved badly/ hurt U, coz in the process of hating them, U only fill your present with hatred and negative energy.

But things are only easier said than done.
Practising them, day-in-and-day-out is a task perhaps more Herculean than climbing Mount Everest, for us- the 'ordinary' human beings.

In reality, God never made human beings 'ordinary'. That He gave us the power of Will, the responsibility of this beautiful planet Earth and also to choose what we want to be- makes us actually 'extraordinary'.

But it depends on us whether we want to exercise the tremendous power of the 'extraordinariness' or not. Now it's our choice- to be or not to be, and if to be, then what way to be.
Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers
I haven't given love. So how will I receive it?
I haven't been a friend. So how will one befriend me?
I haven't been good. So how will others be good to me?
Let me be the source first.
Becoming a destination depends on,
How good a source I have been.

Have I been like the Sun,
And helped life fluorish?

Have I been like the soil,
And nourished the plants above me?

Have I been like the air,
And supplied life-giving oxygen to all?

Have I been like the water,
And flowed through everybody, and quenched their thirst?

No, I have not constantly been so.

But the few moments I have been so,
I have been the happiest human being.......:)

December 10, 2006

Creatively yours

It’s been long,
And I’ve been away.
Haven’t missed my blog,
Haven’t missed your say.

But now I realize,
I’ve missed my creative self.

I’ve missed the left side of my brain,
Amidst all the rationalism,
Of some hyped examinations……..:)

So I am back.
Creatively yours……
Amrita Sabat.
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