December 29, 2010

Musings b4 the New Year....

Her lips spoke a thousand words,
While she was silent,
Snowflakes twitched at her lips,
Her heart was crying..

Christmas jingles had faded,
And the year was a tunnel,
With its end approaching.

Smiling faces,
Acquaintances and memories,
Achievements and the unachieved,
Gnawed at her.

The tunnel was to end.
She was to find light or darkness,
She did not know....

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December 27, 2010


In Term VI, God is back.

He reads out a line from the Gospel projected on the screen. And then He looks at the class for eternity. With the same pout of His lower lip. What might God be thinking at those times? He runs His eyes across the class of MBAs-to-graduate-in-March and MBAs-already-placed-and-not-placed-yet-in-these-early-(preplacement)-days. All of them opted for this Gospel for the same reason- to chill out; placements to be done soon and last term; no mood to study; only one place to go- God's sharan mein.

As the sermon progresses, everyone is waiting for those ten minutes. Those ten minutes. When God would go outside the class. Most say He goes for a smoke. To the bathroom. Maybe. Or maybe He goes to rejuvenate His powers.

Yes, He is concerned whether we are getting a 'feel' for what the Gospel is all about. He sometimes closes His eyes for some brief moments when He looks at us. Like being in the peace of Sleep. Irrespective of God's sermon, MBAs-to-be are busy making the least noise while they turn the newspaper's page. Some are closing their eyes- sitting sleeping MBAs-to-be. Some are reading other Gospels. And some are awed by God's presence- they look at Him, not the Gospel on screen; inspite of being at their sleepiest best. Or they alternate between sleep and consciousness. Like God alternates between reading His Gospel and watching the class for an eternity with the symbolic pout on His lower lip.

God runs His eyes over the class again.

Sermon delivered. Benevolence showered.

What would we ever do without God??

December 21, 2010

A corona of life,
Glittering in the darkness,
Sending out gentle rays,
To light up my way.

I bare my skin,
It glistens in the light,
I revel in joy,
So do the stars of the night.

December 18, 2010

Romantic nights...

A silent night,
With lovers under the trees,
Whispering sweet nothings,
In the moonlight.

He moves the strand of hair,
From her face;
She shies at his touch,
Yet loves his caress...

He holds her close,
And she revels being possessed,
They forget the world,
In their fleeting moments of happiness...

The passing clouds block the moon,
And shine with a silver lining,
The glittering darkness falls on the lovers,
As their lips inter-twine.....

December 17, 2010

Missing you

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I wanted to reach out,
To touch his heart,
To wipe his tears,
As he cried in the moonlight.

I wanted to hug him,
To give him all he wanted,
To fulfil all his dreams,
That he had ever seen.

I wanted to cry,
Sitting by his side,
While he caught my tears,
And made me laugh.

I wanted to see the clouds,
And conjure up funny images for him,
I wanted to see him smile,
Child-like; Shyly ; after that.

I wanted to laugh with him,
To play hide n seek in the dark,
I wanted to walk down the road,
And beside me he would walk.

I wanted to visit new places,
With my hands curled around him,
I wanted to make food for him,
To fill his stomach and heart.

I wanted to give all the love,
All the care in the world for him,
I wanted to hold him so close,
And never ever leave his hand.

I wanted to make a castle with sand,
And make rooms in it,
I wanted to stay there with him,
Till eternity lasts.....
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