March 31, 2008


A dazed haze,
And still their brazen eyes,
Fleeting moments,
Awareness of,
The Stares.
Close to each other,
Talking and pushing each other,
Not staring at each other,
But still they take turns,
And Stare.
And the Stare stays on,
Frozen in Time,
Embedded in Awareness,
The Eternal Stare.

My Heart

Evening turning to dusk,
Sea breeze breezing thru my hair,
And a sea of people,
Walk past me and stare…..

Who is this lady,
Sitting alone and scribbling away,
Is she waiting for somebody,
Or simply whiling her time away?

Beggars beg and go,
And people cross from my left and right,
But unfazed,
I simply write…..

People curiously look at my paper,
Thinking they can know from far….

But they don’t know that,
For now it’s not my paper,
It’s My Heart………..
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