December 29, 2009

New Happenings

Disclaimer: This article is purely a work of entertainment, influenced by real life events in the author’s life. The author has no intention to hurt a single soul’s sensibilities. Any hurt that may occur is thus, purely coincidental and unintentional. The smiles/laughs/guffaws on your faces are intentional though.
He is like a breathless parrot in a hurry to catch a flight. And he never seems tired speaking so fast. He should go in a speed talking competition where people talk about OS&D, Harvard and Wharton University, where he has an old friend called Prof ‘Dick’ who wrote our prescribed textbook. And yes, he has learnt lessons from the past. So he will not put up his PPTs on the intranet as he has assimilated, begged and borrowed some of the content from top companies’ executives whom he has trained and not trained, and from Profs around the world including Dick. Confidential and internal reports. That makes the slides pretty much sacred. The MBAs-to-be are gearing up to take vigorous notes. Most of them that is. I am too busy for that.:)
I, and most others for sure, were glad to know his views on evaluation. He does not believe much in the evaluation system. He says with gusto that when he was in the US, he had a grading system which graded his students in just 2 ways- ‘satisfactory’ or ‘unsatisfactory’. Had he had his way here, he would love to do the same here as well. But no, alas. I could sense a collective sigh.
He acknowledges Dick, IC and other Profs (including one from Japan) who helped him decide the course outline of 4-pages, which has been derived from the Wharton B-school’s Executive Education Program course outline of 36 pages. Hard work really, converting 36 pages to just 4- deciding which part to reject. At the outset, he clarifies that this course is meant for directors and senior level excecutives and not for entry-level, first-year students (aka idiots) like us. ‘Pedagogy’ is not what he believes in, so he calls it ‘Course Andragogy’. Wow, never before had we been acknowledged for being adult learners!
He is the first Prof ever who explained the reasons for his course study material being so thick. First, a Gold Medallist in Business Finance, then a PG in HR and then a PhD in advanced IS. That’s him. So, cutting across backgrounds, the articles and cases congregate for a grand academic get-together which looks healthily spiral-bound. The next thing he says is, ‘just get entertained by watching the slides’, like it was a screening of ‘3 idiots’. ‘And don’t take load for reading the material. If you have time from your busy schedule, then you read and come to class. It’ll make understanding much easier’. No, busy schedule never changes its ‘busy’ness. So, I mentally toss the spiral bound material in the top side rack of my room. ‘But’, he adds entertainingly, ’there is a wealth of info there. It starts from why OS&D to the end article which says ‘do we really need OS&D’ which brings the whole course to where it started.’ Wow. Had the poor fat material had a brain, it’d be in a serious identity crisis. ‘So where do I begin and end? Am I needed here?’ Poor fat material perched on the top side rack in my room....I feel pity for it already.
He fidgets with his half sweater as he rattles off with names and dates of publications of journals from which he had picked the articles and cases. Wow, this guy has a phenomenal memory. Finally, he removes his half sweater and puts it on the chair. He is tall and young by Prof standards. He is wearing a pink full shirt with black and purple stripes. He announces that every individual has a quota of asking one stupid question a day, which does not get carried forward. The MBAs-to-be laughed loudly, thinking matter-of-factly ‘Intelligence and us are inseparable. Whom are U kidding?’
Good. He knows he is a fast speaker. And he says, he always teaches in a relaxed manner. I add- with a talking speed of 150 words a minute. He admits that next class, he would speak double or triple times faster, and has high hopes for us to catch up. Woooooooo! Now that will be a roller coaster ride- words fly by U and U perch on them to have the ride of your life! But he down-to-earthly confesses that if we first year students (aka idiots) are able to catch up with at least 10% of what he would teach, it would be an achievement. And he didn’t say it to scare the MBAs-to-be. Anyway, they are idiots who are turning intelligent enough to never be scared of anything.
He really misses his US students who drank juice in class and makes a sign with his hands to show the size of the bottle. He makes us feel free to carry food into class but be like the ‘civilised’ US students who never made crunchy sounds with the snacks they got. Reminiscing Swami Vivekanand who said- “U cannot do religion with an empty stomach”, he does not chuckle when he alters it to- “U cannot study with an empty stomach”. A good physique is after all necessary to be a good leader, he proclaims.
“Any other questions?” he asks. Immediately he answers himself,” OK, no questions were asked in fact. So, any questions?” The MBAs-to-be who were making signs or managing to talk inspite of the roller coaster ride, sat signless and speechless. So, he opens his slides and starts teaching. On the third slide he says, "See, this is borrowed from a company representative". MBAs-to-be start taking notes madly. He won’t give his slides, remember? At one point, he cuts the air really deep to signal ‘in-depth’. He is generally happy with any answers students give- we are more responsive than the other sections, he excitedly observes. The class proceeds and towards the end we are to form project groups. He says- ‘Let U not blame me or your friends for your groups. So let’s blame destiny’. He makes us pick chits of numbers and tells a faff-Guru guy to write the group members’ names. The faff-Guru guy is tumultuously excited at the power suddenly unleashed upon him instead of the CR. While he busily unfolds destiny with MBAs-to-be surrounding him, the Prof adds- “Do put that in an excel and send it across to me.” Now that’s work. A little less than catching up with his breathless flight of words!!

August 18, 2009

A lump in my throat,
And tears roll down,
I feel so restless,
So helpless I become...

Each moment spent with you,
I miss, I cherish.
I relive each of those moments,
And tears roll down.

That day's wind,
Blows through my face,
You sit beside me,
And I relive those days.

The moon shines bright,
The road beckons me,
I rush through the road,
To find you again...

You are waiting for me,
To wrap me in your arms,
I feel your warmth, your love-
It gushes through my blood...

Lines blur,
Between imagination and reality,
I live the reality you gave me,
And my present becomes yours again...

August 2, 2009

XIMB: An Experience

There I was,
Standing at the gate,
The mighty institution,
Beckoning my fate.

I walked into,
The world of possibilities,
Which would mould me,
Into the best I can ever be.

A packed academic schedule,
And presentations galore,
Meetings for projects and assignments,
There’s barely time to snore!

Yes we party and how-
JLTs are ultimate fun!
The unique culture here rocks,
Parichay, and then Sambandh.

The XIM journey is on,
And I am cruising along,
Each minute brings with it,
Unknown challenges unfurled...

April 27, 2009


Get battered to the ground.
Let your blood mix in the soil,
And make the soil sour.
Let you feel failed,
Injured, battered, lost.
Let your failure propel you,
Through the sea of life.

Let you be miserable,
Let you be hungry,
To understand what is misery,
To feel what is hunger.

Let you grow wings,
After you feel clipped.
Let you know sorrow,
To know happiness.

Let the wildness soar,
Can you please be free?
Let the madness grow,
As many drops in the sea.

Let you be all-pervasive,
At least in your dream,
And you will not even know,
When it has become reality….

April 22, 2009

About Me

They say- Success is a habit. But I have not made it a habit. My successes are few and far between.They are glimpses of my power, my leadership, my total control of situations, my tremendous inner drive.I am not always brimming with that do-or-die spirit or that indomitable will to win.Lately, I have been worried about my fluctuating spirit- sometimes I am filled with energy to pursue a cause and at other times, I just go on quietly with the flow of life, like everyone else around me.I hope the change in course of my career( I am going for MBA soon ) will stabilise me better, for now I am quite restless.But that's not the bottomline. The bottomline is that- I sometimes feel just too restless and at most others, I am just fine- living life simply and anonymously and lazily.No. This has to stop. Coz I have just this life- to live to the fullest.I want to live freely- not scared of what others think about what I am doing- not scared of any damn thing in the world at all- and that will happen only when I fully know what I truly, madly, deeply want from my life. That is my journey of discovery.
People are usually sure of what they exactly want, or they seem to discover their passion in life very soon, but I don't know yet. I am yet to discover what work I am exactly meant to do in this world and how rich and famous and glorious I will be in future, or whether these dreams of glory will remain just that- dreams of glory.
As of now, I am still just chilling out, and waiting for my MBA life to start. I seriously hope- that will give me a new lease of life and get me closer to my dreams.

April 13, 2009

Smile for Me

You smile like a flower,
And your eyes smile,
With all the innocence,
Of a five-year-old.

How do I describe,
How pure is your smile,
How sweet, how cute,
How divine is your smile…

It is like that of a baby’s,
Who has got all that he ever wanted,
It is frank and free and happy,
And shy all at the same time.

Your smile reflects your goodness,
Your purity,
And that you are divine.

Your smile shows gratefulness,
To the Lord,
And to me also.

I wish that you always smile,
Radiating your tremendous love,
And purifying my life……….

January 5, 2009

It's her habit,
To be hurt by him,
To feel terrible,
To feel unwanted,
To fall out of kindness,
And love for him.

But still moments later-
She laughs,
Radiating her love,
Shining like Heaven;
Forgetting her hurt,
And forgiving him,
From the core of her heart.

Only he doesn't know,
Whom he has hurt,
Whom he will miss,
Whom he isn't able to find....

And pray,
Where can YOU find her?

She is everywhere-
She is Love,
She is Life.........
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