December 28, 2013


Image Source: Amrita Sabat's Cybershot Camera!


Beautiful pattern! Isn’t it?! Coconuts arranged on sand in an orderly form make for such a good* picture! Now you must wonder that I must have done so much hard work and burnt so many calories to carry all the heavy coconuts and then arrange them like this, before taking the snap.

Yes, it was a brainwave to take this pic in a place with an abundance of coconuts strewn all around- Kerala! And by God, it was work!:)

Except that you will understand better the quantum of work, if you get the following perspective:-

Image Source: Amrita Sabat's Cybershot Camera!

Now how about that for a googlee?! Miniature coconuts (seed-like coconuts fallen from coconut trees before they get to mature) can fool anyone- without the right perspective. If we choose to zoom in, even the miniatures look like the real ones- which they actually are not.

Lesson to be Learnt: Never jump to conclusions. Stop. Think. React. The best judgements are those which are made with the right perspective in mind.

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December 24, 2013

Friends Forever

Childhood is indeed the best time of life. The friends made at that time are truly forever. Siree and me have been neighbours and best friends since my nursery school days. We played wonderful games together! To reminisce those times is like going on a roller coaster ride and I’m happy that Dove is giving me a chance to do exactly that! :)

Image Source

We were like a house on fire. Inseparable play-partners.

December 15, 2013

Stubble Spells Trouble

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FuViProBa was floating in the air, carefree and without fear.
He was one amongst the billions who pollute the atmosphere.
FuViProBa was desperately looking for a home to settle down,
Then, at the traffic-signal, he found a dense black town.
FuViProBa didn’t lose a moment; he headed with speed.
His wish was fulfilled so soon, as was his greed.

Mr.X’s stubble now had a new resident,
In the black town, an additional inhabitant!
FuViProBa multiplied by thousands happily and fast,
With his kith and kin he wanted the party to last!
FuViProBa got perfect conditions for multiplication-
Sweat, Grime, Dirt, Dust and Pollution.

When Mr.X’s wife said, “I hate that unclean stubble”,
FuViProBa heard and knew he was in for trouble.
She said, “Why don’t you get rid of this stubble that’s smelly?
It’s unhygienic & I’m sure GERMS reside there happily.”
Now FuViProBa’s antennae stood up,
Seemed as if he was running out of luck.

Mr.X obeyed his wife’s wish, else she’d frown,
Mr.X got a razor to clear the dense town.
The sharp tool soon invaded his home,
FuViProBa’s clan was finished with aplomb.
FuViProBa – the FUngus, VIrus, PROtozoa, BActeria died,
Leaving a Happy & Clean Mr.X and his relieved wife!


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What I Think About STUBBLE

I hate that unclean stubble. I feel Stubble looks like a gathering of thorns overlying a smooth delicate skin like the petal of a rose. It is smelly because it becomes the settling-field for dust and pollution. Even flies and mosquitoes also get attracted there and not to forget the food-particles which also like to stick there. Stubble is the repellent of the personality of a man. It gives a rough and shoddy look rather than that of a gentleman. Small wonder, gentlemen have clean-shaven look.

In corporate etiquette and training, there is a requirement of being well-groomed and presentable. In the training of armed forces and administrators, the unshaven men are punished and sent back to immediately report with a clean-shaven face.

Where there is a stubble there is no way!

Women are soft, delicate creations of God. 68% women do not like the ruffian-look and associate it with the devils/villains. It is but natural that the women (daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives...) protest when the men-most-important-in-their-lives (fathers, brothers, boyfriends, better-halves...) start looking like goons instead of the hero in their lives!

The P.A.S.S. comes in at the right time when all the Indian women are more conscious, progressive, ambitious, wise, socially-mobile and voice their opinions in style!

Thanks P.A.S.S. for giving us a platform to express our side of the story.


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The following is a Wife/GirlFriend’s tale.
Her Husband/BF’s stubble made her pale!

I was out on work for over a fortnight.
When I was back I got a fright!
The stubbled look was new for him!
God knows why it caught his whim!

I caught him looking at me.
My approval was his fancy.
“How do you like my new look?”
Disappointed my head I shook.

“Don’t I look like a star from Hollywood?”
I said, “Men without stubble look good!”
I was aghast and couldn’t have lied!
For his stubble he argued and I cried-

"S howing me your horrible stubble?
 T ch! Tch! How yuck it looks!
 U have such a handsome face,
 B ut spoiling it by this stubbly disgrace!
 B utter-like skin replaced by prickly thorns!
 L ook how repelling your,
 E rstwhile elegant persona has become!"

H ungry hands reached out for the Razor,
A nd lips muttered a prayer,
T o use it and sport the look: clean-shaven and fair;
A nd lo and behold! He was transformed with flair!
O h! My Prince Charming was back with greatest debonair!

I told him-
I hate that unclean stubble - "STUBBLE HATAO" is my Mantra that’s WOW!
“If U wanna look smart n cool always, adopt the clean-shaven look ANYHOW!”

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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