April 11, 2014

J: Jealousy


 Jealousy is a good thing. Just that in movies they show the bad form of it- where someone kills the other or destroys the other. Even in real life, the negative connotation is held closer to heart. Often the destructive human nature takes over when faced with this overpowering emotion of jealousy.

But then we must realise that jealousy is actually a positive emotion and if we channelise it positively, we can do wonders in our life. We just need to forget focusing on the person who makes us jealous. Instead we need to focus on ourselves due to the fire raging courtesy jealousy! Once that fire urges us to achieve the hitherto impossible and surpass our own potential, then jealousy indeed becomes the positive factor of our life! It can make us win and how!

Thank God for jealousy. How else would some great things be achieved! How else would humankind have surpassed the 'me too' syndrome in the quest to move ahead of competitors! How else would humankind race towards ever greater progress?!

So, just like - "Daag achche hain" [Stains are good!], a popular ad campaign by a leading washing powder company in India, I'll also say - "JEALOUSY IS GOOD!"

Just channelise it properly in your lives and see how your lives transform!

**This is my post for letter 'J' of the A to Z Challenge 2014. I thought of writing a free write on 'Jealousy'! :)

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  1. Good post Amrita.

  2. every coin has two side .. more than being constructive it has became an issue .. but then it depends on person to person .. nice thought :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes....make it good for U by urself! :) Thanks for commenting Nabanita! :)

  4. yup jealousy can have a positive inference too, its when we set goals and start working harder, Something like feel of competition stimulated with jealousy. " oh yeahhh , I can work harder and do better " Stuffs.

    Nice post by the way


    1. U r so right Rakesh! Thanks so much for your wise comment! :)

  5. Different take on Jealousy ! I like it !

  6. Ver nice! How beautifully you have described the positive side of jealousy!

    1. Thanks so much Ratna! Yes....its a positive thing if we make it so! :)

  7. A different viewpoint on emotions. Nice post.

  8. Yes, so true.. Jealously has another perspective too.. Guess what, I wrote about this emotion too some time back though it was in another context : http://jyotsnabhatia.blogspot.com/2013/09/jealous-yes-i-am.html


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