December 21, 2012

To the Rapists

You wretched demons!
Your barbaric brains,
Should be mutilated,
And burnt to cinders,
So U lose all capability,
To do right and wrong.

You heinous criminals!
Your intestines should be battered,
With iron-rods and chains,
Worse than the way you did,
To the helpless victim.

You worst animals!
Your hearts should be wrenched,
And thrown to wolves,
Who wild and heartless as they may be,
Are still better than U.

You horrendous rapists!
You all should be stripped,
And stoned to death in public.
Then your bodies should be dumped,
In the deep seas,
To be torn apart,
By hungry sharks,
Into innumerable bits.......
I don't know what U mean,
I think U mean U'll miss me.
OK, but don't be bitter,
It's separation- only of physicality.

Transcend the stars,
Go beyond the sky,
Beyond the edge of the Universe,
And all other Universes....

And U will know-

What 'tween us for ever was,
Forever is....

Don't kill Ur Interpretation!

You interpret,
What you understand from this.
I won't explain,
My version of it.

This way the variety of interpretations,
Will stun one and all!
What the human brain can possibly imagine,
Will be astonishing to learn!

Timeless Friendship

Seems like ages have passed,
Since the time that U n me,
Sat under the banyan tree,
And animatedly discussed-
About lost love,
The latest gossips,
Entertainment n sorrow,
Crushes n broken arrows.

Under the dark night sky,
When we bared ourselves,
To know the deepest fathoms,
Of our souls.
When we cracked such crazy jokes,
And laughed uncontrollably,
For days together.
When we coaxed and blackmailed,
And traded one secret,
For another.

Then we got tired,
Of all the endeavors.

We stepped into the world,
Of dreams and sleep,
To welcome a new day,
Of our timeless friendship.

Think about it

We live with our demons,
As well as our dreams;

And die with our secrets,
Our lost loves,
Our unfulfilled wishes.

Our life starts in a line,
Ends with a full-stop,
And all the crests n troughs in 'tween,
Make it a lively graph.

It takes a lifetime,
Still we can't confront our demons,
And live a free bird;

So in chains,
We live all our lives,
Unable to break the shackles.

And finally,
Death- the great leveler- descends,
Breaks the chains,
And liberates.

How does it matter,
Who cried for you,
When you are not there
To witness...???

Simple Me

There was no one,
Who told me,
That a ghost lurked,
Around the corner.

I set forward,
Carefree n free.

Others watched,
Expecting some fun,
In their boring lives.

I turned the corner;
And went ahead,
On my journey.

Later I was told,
The ghost should've come,
To disturb me.

But alas! There was no ghost!
There was no fun for them,
At my cost.

They had yet to conquer,
The ghost in their creepy minds,
Set it carefree n free,
By learning from 'simple' me.

December 14, 2012


"They will kill Ur enthusiasm,
And let U do nothing.
They will char Ur dreams,
And burn U to cinders.
They will nip U in the bud,
And never let U flower.
They will push U over cliffs,
And watch your fragments scatter.
They will chase U with swords, guns,
And reduce U to tatters.
They will cut Ur arteries,
And ensure that U suffer."

I heard 'they' do all this to honest people,
Who do good for the nation and its people.

Dark-Hearted from the Dark Ages,
Out to strangulate this beautiful nation,
'They' will not dare raise their head,
In front of an Army of upright people-

Whose souls are not for sale;
Whose integrity is fiercely guarded;
Whom God gives the strength,
To fight a thousand man-eaters;
With thorough sense of purpose,
And intelligence.

Metro Pace: Latest Office Updates

This mega office complex,
Bustling with vivacious youth,
Will get replaced as years pass,
By a fat aging populace.

This mega food plaza,
Serves junk @ exorbitant rates,
With these young lavish executives,
Busily, happily, lappin' up every bit!

Yes, I can see the impending onslaught,
Of fierce lifestyle diseases,
Coming to envelop our vibrant shores,
A' la' tsunami waves!


I can see the singletons disappear,
In the bliss of wedlock;
I can hear the colour changing,
Of animated conversations!
From about 'boyfriends', 'nagging moms',
'Hip bars 'n' parties', new 'weekend getaways';
To about 'husbands', 'in-laws',
'Cooking', 'holiday plans in exotic locales';
And then about 'maids' & 'kids'- their 'tantrums',
About 'bigger cars'; 'super-luxury homes'; 'smarter gadgets'.

All in the 'piling money' race,
All stuck in the metro pace.

Then one day they become old,
They momentarily slow down,
And wonder- "Did LIFE just pass...
Before our very own eyes...??"


"One, a medium amount of intelligence, & two, a bit of imagination."
"Third, is self-confidence."
"The fourth ingredient is the most painful one. And it is something all of you still need to learn. B'coz it is often the most important thing", God said.
"To be really successful, you must face failure. You have to experience it, feel it, taste it, suffer it. Only then can you shine", God said.

"For, once you taste failure, you have no fear. You can take risks more easily. Then you don't want to snuggle in your comfort zone anymore- you are ready to fly. And success is about flying, not snuggling."
"So, here is a secret. Never be afraid of failure. If it has come your way, it means I want to give you a real shot at being successful later", God said.

P.S: Forgive me if U can't understand what exactly is ON@CC. Even I can't! I got this From My Treasure Trove (back of old engineering notebook). My memory fails to expand the title. Surely it would be having a very meaningful expansion, relevant to those times. Or maybe timeless.

Pale Pride

U make a mockery,
Of everythin'; of everyone.
U shred them to bits,
Keep findin' faults.

Like a black blanket,
Ever ready to shroud the goodness;
Ur pleasure lies in takin' the sting out,
Of every poor unstingin' li'l thing.

God save your soul,
For never findin' the right,
Staring at your face;
U love to come first in,
Ur own unruly li'l race.

U cannot tolerate,
The right done or said!
Someone else makes more sense-
This U simply cannot accept!

Still the grand dreams,
Of ruling the world,
From the higher power echelons;
Still the splendid succor,
In Ur self-aggrandized humor!

And so U pale out,
Caught in Ur own oxymorons.
U try to redeem Urself,
But alas! The damage has been done!

Quit Ur false pride,
Before callin' Urself learned;
One cannot know EVERYTHING right,
Is first applicable to Ur own SELF!

What is it about music that it makes U remember things U prefer to forget?

I turned my face to look outside. The breeze felt cold, particularly along two lines on my cheeks. I touched my face. Damn, I couldn't believe I was crying.

Tears flooded out. Automatically. Effortlessly. But why? The music playing far away in the background. It took me to one of the days in my past that I abhor. The deep sense of hurt, loss, dejection, regret, despair, resentment- all came flooding back to my heart. And tears flooded out. Automatically. Effortlessly.

I've realised this over time. The songs I've loved the most, I've later started detesting. Coz they started to be associated with resentful memories. Coz they held the key to opening the door to those painful, helpless moments. Coz they zapped, sapped away the positive energy of my present. And then I am left with only my tears.

So I preserve MySelf. I detest those songs so much that I gradually forget its lyrics, then its tune. I liberate MySelf from the shackles, the chains those songs have with the deepest fathoms of my soul. Of course, these chains clink again when out of nowhere, the same music starts playing again.....
I n the deep, dark woods,

H ope to find your home.
A bhor the cruel city life-
V icious cycle of strife, where you,
E legantly live

A nd

D rown in your elegance;
R emember despite it all that,
E xquisite living,
A nd lust for materialism-
M ake no substitute for a: Life of Service.....
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