March 15, 2010

Tata Crucible Quiz 2010 :: Campus Edition at Bhubaneswar

170 teams. 6 finalists. Nail biting finish. The Crown Hotel was the venue for a grand round of Tata Crucible Campus Round quiz. DRIEMS (an engg collg) came 1st and a team from Utkal University came 2nd. Excellent answers cracked by the teams. The 20-20 match started with the prelims round and the 20 prelims qns were:
1. Which international food company in India uses the original Coat of Arms of its founding family as its company logo which consists of a bird feeding its children in a nest?
2. Calvin Klein is owned by which international company?
3. Pic shown of founder of Biocon. Identify.
4. Which famous businessman has been ranked as the Businessman of the Century by Fortune magazine?
5. Which is the only railway station to be named after a business group?
6. Logo of company showing a red cheetah.
7. Carol Davidson designed the logo for $35. Which company’s logo?
8. Which city is known as the diamond capital of India?
9. Showed pic of the book ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’. Who wrote it?
10. Showed pic of the ‘Walk while you talk’ campaign. Which company?
11. Showed pic of a number of products together- Revive, Parachute Jasmine etc. Which company makes these products?
12. What’s the name of business newspaper from Hindustan Times Group?
13. Which company was known as Racal Telecom in 1984? (Clu: UK based company)
14. Pic shown of Yahoo’s CEO. Identify.
15. The movie ‘Howdy Chicago’ achieved what unique first in 1921? (Clu: It was the first to be screened at a particular place)
16. Visual shown of ‘the lady in sparkling white’. Which brand?
17. Which gadget is made by the Canadian company, Research in Motion?
18. It was called ‘Pinwheel’ when it was introduced in Dec 1, 1977 and owned by QUBE channel. What’s this kids channel now known as?
19. Which is the largest prescribed drug in India which comes in flavours of mint, mix fruit and orange? (Clu: Choices given: Saradon, Digene, Hajmola)
20. Played music- Dhan te nan. Who was the producer?
1. Nestle
2. Van Heusen ( We got this wrong- wrote Tomy Hilfiger.:( )
3. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
4. Henry Ford
5. Tatanagar
6. Puma
7. Nike
8. Surat
9. Robin Sharma
10. Idea Cellular
11. Marico
12. Mint (Got this wrong. We wrote Business Standard, which is actually by the Telegraph group)
13. Vodafone (Could it be so obvious?! So we wrote Ericsson- wrong agen!)
14. Carol Bartz (Oops! We knew she’s CEO of Yahoo bt didn’t kno her name!)
15. 1st movie to be screened on an aircraft ( Got this wrong too!)
16. Nirma. J
17. Blackberry
18. Nickelodeon
19. Digene (Whoops! We had written Saradon!)
20. Ronie Screwvala (UTV)
With 14/20, we qualified for the Wildcard Round. +1 for 3 teams in our Wildcard Round, so we had a tie breaker & couldn’t make it. However, we got amazing goody bags!! Thanks Tata Crucible & Pickbrain! For an amazing round of quiz at Bhubaneswar.
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