July 5, 2006

She looks like a dream..........

She looks like a dream,
Whose time has come,
To get fulfilled.

She looks at the sky,
And touches the dusty beams.

She looks at the trees,
And devours the scenic green.

She looks at the birds,
And breaks into melody.

She hears the thunder,
And claps to its beat.

She feels her freedom,
And celebrates HER life- makes merry.

Before she lets go the rein,
Reminisces everything-
All the dreams,
All the happiness,
All the pain…..

Then, she looks at the rain,
And gets drenched.

In her own tears………


  1. (well except the last line) there's not a single gal .. who is so pure and innocent .. and as i guessed .. the last line said it ... hamesha kuch naa kuch hota hai .. well not only in ur poems but in real life too... Once haribans Rai Bachhan Said .."I can sacrifice my immortality for a moment of happiness " .. i dont think there is anything called eternal happinesss ... human means he is bound to find happiness in moments ... thats what i tht after reading it ... anyways keep it up ...

    anyways ... "nice poem" is my usual comment for really nice poems .....

    BTW who is the gal ??? Real.... of flesh and blood ???

    1. Ashona111 how many times will I say how much I miss ur comments...:'(
      She is for real n I hv outstretched my imagination of her..

  2. Well this poem is dated 2006 July, think you are recalling the past too? :) well written, but I could read the feeling of that person between a smile and sadness. Why looking back or letting go is to be associated with tears? Is that tears of joy or sadness?

    - Din

    1. Thanks Propelsteps for ur insightful comment. Tears of sadness...n its not me.....

  3. you seems to be writing well with this pattern :) nice one !

  4. Love these lines, 'She looks at the birds,
    And breaks into melody.'

    And ending is heart-breaking.

    1. Thanks Saru...yes...heart break is wat we all go thru somtym or d oder..

  5. Oh! Rain is there, still drenched in tears... Sad one...

    1. Yes...coz her lyf was to change...her freedom was to go...

  6. Such a beautiful poem. Oh, the rain! Well, the sun will rise again.

  7. Sounds like someone I know... But then don't we all...
    Nice lines di... You made me remember some one after a long time today.
    Good bless!!

    1. Thanks Amit! Hope U r doing great! Do keep visiting my blog for it's missing all Ur attention n comments...:P


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