March 31, 2008


A dazed haze,
And still their brazen eyes,
Fleeting moments,
Awareness of,
The Stares.
Close to each other,
Talking and pushing each other,
Not staring at each other,
But still they take turns,
And Stare.
And the Stare stays on,
Frozen in Time,
Embedded in Awareness,
The Eternal Stare.


  1. How do u manage to write soooo bfully my dear frnd... hats off to u :)

  2. WOW !!!

    A dazed haze and still my brazen eyes ... A Stare. am numbed, stumbed and dumbed to the stare at this poem ...

    i can feel the fleeting moments of awareness.

    u have to be in a high state of intoxication to feel those things or have a broad mind and lovable heart to imagine those things to write and make all feel it ....

    BRAVO !!!!

  3. Gawd....ur poem has again proved dat luv is "blind" !!! I assume da lovers r so blinded by luv, dat they r quite unaware,on wat a filthy beach r they strolling around ??!!!.....

  4. I want to delve into deeper levels of thought and sink into the meaning of your that someday i may realize...what it all is like :)


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