September 2, 2013

Tirade of a Bureaucrat

“As you say Boss,

I will do,

This today,

Is my promise to you.”

So saying another officer,

Lived his service years,

Either became dishonest,

Or did nothing in fear.

No – this was not always so,

Lofty was the goal,

Brighter the rainbow,

At the start of his sojourn.

Humble roots,

Decent education,

Nothing appealed more than,

Serving the nation.

Maybe a job too,

Plush one at that,

But the heart’s clarion call,

Could no longer be held back.

Single-minded devotion,

Back-breaking efforts,

Support of parents, pals, teachers,

Optimism, Sacrifice, Sweat.

Clearing the toughest exam,

Of his life,

Dreams of nation-building,

Noble and burning bright.

But the wretched system,

Sucked him in,

His initial zeal and ideals,

Shot down or hushed up.

Either his seniors or ministers,

Or an unfortunate mix of both,

Broke him with brazen threats,

After luring him with money/perks.

“Don’t jeopardize your career,

Shut up and sit,

For your sake and mine,

Your better be complicit”.

And his head hung in shame;

Mother India cried hoarse –

“Another energetic young man,

Has belied all my hopes!”

“As you say Boss,

I will do,

This today,

Is my promise to you”.

So saying this officer,

Lived the rest of his service years,

Similar to scores of others,

Who either embrace corruption,

Or suffer silently, suppressed.

That’s why protect young men and women,

Who do right and bow down to none,

May Goddess Durga’s Shakti descend,

On every officer of our land.

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