June 8, 2014

When things on my table conversed!

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My table was in such a mess. I had kept my jeans and t-shirt, dangling earrings, night-time reading book, newspaper, goggles, pen and notebook.

When I was not in the room, they all started talking!

My jeans and t-shirt chorused- "Amrita looks so sexy when she wears us! Wish she never went away from the mirror when she wears us!"

Then, my goggles shouted- "Oh come on Miss Jeans and Miss T-Shirt! Who completes the sexy look for her?! That's only ME ME MEEEEEE!"

My dangling earrings was not to sit quiet at this. She said- "You guys are insane. Without me, Amrita feels so incomplete! Better know that my dangling is what sets her apart in a crowd and increases her attractiveness like never before!"

At this, my book said- "You know what?! Amrita is an intellectual first! Food for thought is what actually makes her so sexy! Without reading me, she does not even go to sleep...now that should silence all of you!"

My newspaper was now enthusiastic. She said- "Miss Book you are right! Amrita's hunger for news and knowledge keeps her going and makes her stand out among many people! They all gasp at her wide knowledge base! For that, I'm the one to be credited- her daily dose of the world's happenings!"

My pen and notebook had been quiet all along. Now their time had come!

My notebook said- "Finally you guys are coming to a logical conclusion. Still, you are missing out on the important thing about Amrita. She's a writer above all! On my blank pages, she wields a new story, a new poem, a new creative outburst all the time!"


My pen smiled and said- "My dear notebook, how else would Amrita write on your blank pages....if she did not have me?! Her instrument to bring out her thoughts to the world is ME! So proud that she scribbles holding me and then types some of what she writes into her blog!"

At this, everyone nodded and gave high-fives to each other. They set aside their differences and were probably proud that each one of them could contribute to making Amrita what she was...towards shaping her personality and helping her grow!

Just then, I entered. The sun rays were glistening mischievously on my table from the window in front.

"Could the Sun give energy to these non-living things so they could converse when I was not here?!"- I wondered....and smiled..  :)

**This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
"This time write a witty & fun conversation between all stationery items. What is it that everything on your table would discuss in your absence?"


  1. Very interesting read ,yeah I bet they all love you and contribute to your over all personality. Loved reading this post Amrita.

  2. What a supercool & animated conversation, Amrita :) Lovely!
    Great imagination & creativity! Wow for sure :)

    1. Thanks so much Anita! :D Don't U also hav Wow posts up your sleeve alwez?! :P

  3. Good post Amrita :)

  4. That's a cool bunch talking about you and how they complete your personality :) Enjoyed reading this creative write-up!

  5. So its not just people, even "stationery" and "attire" compliment u. And I m sure, the Sun rays that fell on the table - was actually nodding to their compliments. Thoroughly enjoyed your post, where u visualized yourself as a main subject of conversation.

    1. Welcome to my blog Viyoma! :D That's so lovely that U r taking the story further with the sun rays! :D Yes, I am the subject. One blogger friend of mine always said how I was such a big narcissist...:P

  6. This is so cool and hilarious to the fore. Great to read!!!

    1. Thanks so much Jayanta! Really happy that U found it a gr8 read! :)

  7. Nice one Amtita..enjoyed it :-)


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