August 26, 2014

Geopolitical Developments in Asia-Pacific region

Asia-Pacific region is an important area for India's 'Look East'  Policy. On the one hand, India wants to engage deeply especially for trade, economics, energy, military cooperation etc. while on the other
recent geopolitical developments have made this difficult for India.

Such developments are listed below:

a) China-Japan antagonism over Senkaku islands-
This has snowballed into major controversy with China even declaring ADIZ over common airspace. Several Japanese companies have faced protest in China. India is treading cautiously both with China and Japan to keep friendly relation with both and wooing both for trade. Japan is being courted for more infrastructure investment and also for civil-nuclear engagement.

b) China's expansionism-
Both for control over sea and land, China is embroiled in disputes with neighbours like Vietnam, Phillipines, Indonesia etc. Recently, India after much deliberation agreed to make Indo-US naval drill in East Pacific a trilateral one including Japan, as China showed displeasure. Case of OVL exploring for oil in Vietnam, and China's antagonism over this too. Maritime Silk Road proposed by China is also being looked at carefully by India, as it may be expansionist in garb of reviving old trade links.

While Agreement over Free Trade in services is unable to go ahead, India is still taking a leading role in ASEAN for stronger trade ties.

d) USA angle-
USA looks at India as pivot to Asia. Also, USA President visited most Asia-Pacific nations to counter China's hegemony and ensure help in development and military fields. India thus has to balance its
bilateral relation with USA while also keeping good working relation with Asia-Pacific countries.

Therefore, keeping in mind the strategic significance of Asia-Pacific region, India chooses to tread cautiously. Still, India must use ASEAN and other bilateral/multilateral cooperation forums to boost her economic and military ties.

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  1. I often wonder why all this politics?
    Why problems like terrorism, antagonism, expansionism...?

    1.'s again human nature...greed, control & so on spilling over to nations' policies too....

  2. Good post Amrita I liked reading it. It was informative relevant and very contextual. Thank you for this informative post.

  3. China wants to supersede America as world's master.

    1. Yes that's very true. The new arms race looks like being between USA & China...


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