October 3, 2014

Treasured Assets

Why is the world so focused on physical assets- bank-balance, material-possessions, external beauty/body/cleavage...? What's the value of good thoughts, clear heart, inner beauty & values like honesty, discipline etc. today? What is important to you? #TreasuredAssets


I like this topic. Because it gives me a chance. To reach out to all and sundry. And to scream- DON'T FALL INTO THE MATERIALISM ABYSS! Never let anyone's dress, job, body, bank-balance or material things make you feel inferior. Coz each of us is elegant with whatever we are and have. It is paramount that we be proud of the way God made us; that we have patience, ambition and work hard in our chosen fields- not to overtake Mr.Sharma the neighbour or Mr.Tata the businessman but because we love our work so much and want to exceed limits of possibilities. Remember? In blockbuster movie 3 Idiots, Aamir says- "Work such that success chases you, & not vice versa"!



Human beings are naturally given in to senses. An attractive female grabs eyeballs of everyone-male or female. The problem occurs when she is judged on the basis of that only- then none gives attention to her intelligence or talent.
All think she has risen in life only because of her attractiveness and unethical use of her 'assets'.

Fact is, the world has become so competitive today that those females who stay simple and forthright are dubbed fools, not promoted and called good for nothing though they may have achieved a lot. While those who flutter eyelashes and sashay in front of people are called 'smart' and given opportunities to climb up the ladder. I'm not saying this is happening everywhere, yet this is mostly occurring, contributing to dirty, sexist politics in workplaces, institutions etc. Also, not just men are responsible for this- women play dirtiest politics as well!

The converse situation is ever worse. Even a highly talented woman cannot get the job or role she deserves- just because she is not willing to flaunt her 'assets' or flirt with people who matter. People today almost hate girls/women who are simple, modest, forthright and no-nonsense. This is a very sad development in a liberalised, globalised India- where even values seem to have been 'liberalised'. They do not see her good qualities- her talent, intelligence, commitment, dedication which make her a huge asset for the company's growth. Instead, they punish her for being truthful, non-political and good. Truly- the world is not for simple, hard-working women- it's for scheming men and women who cannot bear the sight of the former, coz they themselves know they can never be as good, as pure at heart or as dedicated.



Still, good qualities, as ever, hold their own. Coz they NEVER become old-fashioned. Good qualities like honesty, dedication, punctuality, truthfulness, thoroughness, non-partisanship, responsibility, accountability and so on, will always help any person tide over any circumstance. This is not just about being extra confident and fearless as you are good and honest (in the wake of scams being uncovered and a Court which is finally punishing the wicked and corrupt), but this is also so that one can sleep peacefully at night, and meet one's own eyes in the mirror with pride in the morning.

Here I'd also like to touch upon materialism as the essential destroyer of the good in the world. And the world itself. Gandhiji has said- "World provides enough for each one's need, but not for each one's greed". Why this craze for latest I-Phone and car? Just to score a brownie point over Mr. Sharma your neighbour/colleague?! Or are you proving to the world that you "HAVE ARRIVED"?! Pray for what had Mother Earth borne your weight for so many years had you not 'ARRIVED'?! :P

Remember you will take nothing when you die. Stay vain, die vain. Instead, that you are a king will be known from your lavishness in good behaviour and your heartily helping people in need, rather than splurging lavishly on Page 3 parties and lusting after latest gadgets (polluting the earth with your carbon and metal footprint)! That's all a huge SHOW BUSINESS- empty vessels make too much noise! Be at peace within yourself- that is most important. So you may argue you get peace only by material possessions. Then look deeper and introspect.

We spend more time on social media than talking to family members. Again THAT is another SHOWY world- it thrives on showing off things- latest holiday, dish cooked, selfie, new house, car & so on- it's like a never-ending race! No I'm not saying don't be ambitious or shun wealth- please do earn more! But also be a responsible consumer. Don't let greed drive you, for it is a bad master, pulling you to abyss of dissatisfied life- where you may have ALL the material possessions yet no peace, which you thought you would achieve by hankering after all these.

Shun consumerist culture, coz we in India are natural recyclers, Nature lovers. Once we have lost essence of our true nature, we have become the non-communicable disease capital of the world. Hankering after junk food, alcohol, tobacco and staying stressed under peer pressure for constantly overtaking others has robbed us of time to be spent with family, with nature.

We have become increasingly impatient, non-caring of unceasing use of polythenes and other non-biodegradables, even hazardous chemicals (batteries, nailpolish, mobiles etc.) which we never dispose properly. In fact, hedonism has totally entered our lives- we do not even think what consequences our actions today will produce for our OWN future and that of future generations.

We must get back to judicious use of natural resources, realising that "BEING GREEN AND FRUGAL IS THE NEW COOL"! Use only how much is required of energy, water, food. Also generate less waste and recycle it. Following such simple practices will automatically make us realise the uselessness of being a consumerist who messes the earth completely, leaving it totally degraded for future generations.



Overall, I feel that far more than just exterior beauty or greed for and obtaining more and more material possessions, #TreasuredAssets for me are the quality of work one does and how good/kind/optimistic/pure-hearted/resourceful/honest one is. Such people brighten up the world and bring meaning to other people's lives. Indeed, it is only due to such people OF SUBSTANCE, rather than just form, that the world keeps running.

It is their positive energy and selfless work even in the face of adversity, which allows our country to function, even if our India has been deeply entrenched in a cancer called corruption and don't-care-attitude where self-material-wealth matters most and people do ANYTHING to just score a point over the other or to increase their material possessions.

May God give the sadbuddhi (good sense) to all to self-introspect and to be able to respect people for who they are as human beings, and not for their exterior, material possessions or their power position.

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  1. True and really thought provoking post...


    1. Thanks so much Technophilo! Glad this could be food for thought! :)

  2. Awesome read Amrita....Beautifully written....:)

  3. Superb blog Amrita, honestly no one gives value to the internal beauty, but everyone is concerned towards external beauty only. Ask any girl, they will die for a smart guy, no matter how foolish the person is, no matter if he don't even respect his own parents only, similarly ask any guy and see how they can die for a hot and sexy girl. No one bothers about the internal beauty at first instance, but then one day they realize their mistakes....

    1. Thanks so much Alok for your candid views and I fully agree with U! Well, the world seems to be running purely based on senses- such a shallow view of life....

      They live,marry,accumulate wealth, make house/car/jewellery & so on & one fine day, they die- unknown....

  4. being green is keen!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  5. I think in the end it's the one's goodness and talent which helps in long run, outer beauty is short lived but inner beauty stays forever

    My Indispire Entry

  6. I totally agree with you & share your views, Amrita.
    The world functions on what is "cool" :)
    May values be respected.
    Thanks for sharing such a true & candid post.

  7. I so agree often on facebook I find it all so materialistic and shallow.
    Denise ABC Team

    1. Absolutely! It's showbiz! Thanks fr commenting Denise! :)


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