December 21, 2014

PK hai kya?!

A child is given an environment to grow- a language, a religion, a set of norms of society. Yet what happens if a grown-up has to discover all this from the beginning?

Result is this mesmerising, kind, simple, powerful and simply out-of-the-world character called PK. He embodies humanity, uses his power to reason and stuns everyone- while also having audiences in splits with his antics!

PK is 'Purely Koooooool' movie! It is hilarious, touching, saddening and sweet- all at the same time.
Intelligently portraying various contemporary issues, the team of Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan again deliver to the audiences a highly thought-provoking, scintillating movie giving enough social messages, food for thought and discussion, long afterwards.

I always feel that's the hallmark of a good movie- that audience thinks and chews over the movie later- that hangover which forces us to reason, to go over the plot, to find instances that justify or do not justify something or the other.

This movie presents a delightful yet deep take on several issues- trusting strangers; India-Pakistan relations; religions and attached confusions (Hindu widows wearing white versus Christian brides wearing white and lots more); importance of a friend; male versus female; unflinching faith in spiritual 'Gurus'; use of fatwas/terror; religious conversions by allurement; various methods to reach God like rolling on floor/lashing oneself/tying threads/wearing rings or necklaces/pouring millions of litres of milk/compulsorily donating in Hundis and so on; using Gods to make brisk business; materialism (how everyone wants to take rather than give); lies versus truth; how we assume people are drunk if they even give slightest hint against perceived norms of society in their talk; how we as a society do not even realise how many references we make to God as we speak or do anything; and several more.

It tries to speak out against stereotypes ingrained deeply within us since we were very young- like 'never trust Muslims' or 'a Hindu looks like this, a Muslim like this, a Sikh like this, a Christian like this'. God made us the most intelligent beings, yet we kill and fight each other over 'whose God is greater' and to 'protect' our respective Gods. But hey- does God need protection? Isn't He the Almighty? All that is bigoted, unreasonable in the system of religion is discussed here while also bringing 'out-of-control' moments for PK when he finds God is actually granting his wishes immediately! It is interesting to see how the out-of-the-world character of PK tries to reach God for his own ends and discovers many heart-touching, harsh realities of the world in the process. In his own unique way, PK defines humanity for human beings through simple actions.

Overall, the movie is a great take on Indian society itself. Frank, funny, heart-touching- this movie neither seeks to give 'gyaan' nor does it condemn God or religion. It only ascertains faith in the God who created us- He is the Supreme. He does not tell us to fight, nor to journey thousand miles, nor to wear costly rings. Only pure hope and faith connects us to God, not the methods or forms.

The movie strikes a deep chord undoubtedly. Kudos to Anushka Sharma, Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, Sanjay Dutt, Boman Irani and everyone associated with this wonderful movie.

May God bless us ALL! :)

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  1. Wonderful review, Amrita. :)
    Very nicely expressed all valid points.
    What a simple & logical way the movie PK has conveyed & so have you in your review!
    I loved the movie too.

  2. Awesome post Amrita :) and to be very frank, it is an awesome movie as well. I liked it completely... At the time when our politicians are fighting for "Ghar-Wapasi" it is a tight slap for them....

  3. i haven't watched it yet...but seems that i have to watch it immediately..

  4. Yet to watch this movie...anyways thanks a bunch for the feedback !!

  5. Challenging notions of God and religion is anyways trending. Ritualistic religion or organised religion is fast loosing its relevance. That's all understood.But i think what Saurabh Shukla asked Aamir on the talk show (in the film) is extremely important as well; "If somebody wears a thread which gives them hope who are you to take away that hope even if that is false?

    1. Rightly said Kaushik. Ultimately wrld runs on faith. Still point is dat let's nt forget 2 b good human beings helping others out- dat's also realising God in many ways!

  6. Nice review Amrita..yet to watch and your review has really piqued my interest...

    1. Thanks so much Maniparna! :) Do watch it asap & share how U feel!

  7. I have not watched this movie yet but can we except from Aamir to speak against other religions with the same dare? no he can't. a movie like vishwaroopam get ban in tamilnadu, i am not here for hindu muslim but these idiots from bollywood always raise fingers against hindus, why? One cartoon against prophet muhammad burn the state, the vinchi code is ban in india but we are enjoying pk and oh my god. It was their movie and so they made the way the wanted to you enjoyed its good but everyone should know that sadhu saints culture is saved only in india and this media which is known for selling everything has messed with few wrong guys in pure ganga, hinduism is not about rampal, shyampal it has a rich history of God Rama and God Krishna.. These stupids show that it is better to give milk to poor than submit in temple but do they dare to tell that it would be much better to give your 3 hrs with a poor or give those 300 to a needy than wasting for a psuedo entertainment... your review is good, movie acting is good because they are master at their work but these stupids are coward who can't say the positive sides. Khair thankyou all for enjoying PK.

    1. Thanks for this long comment. I feel only a rationalist's point of view is xpressed. 'Maanney se pathar bhi Bhagwaan ban jatey hain'- everything lies in own beliefs. Just as we respect our religion, so also we shd respect others & also those who r atheists!

      Plz dnt communalise it saying Hindu, Muslim or Christian. No one is saying to abrogate religion & it is nt agenst Hindus at all. V mst b tolerant of creative freedom in our democracy. That's wat makes us different from other banana republics.


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