February 2, 2015

My first published poem in Writer's Ezine!

Cupid's month of February 2015 has started on a great and lucky note for me! I had submitted my poem for the first time to Writer's Ezine or WE in January 2015. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a 'Congratulations' e-mail today which also had a badge in my name!

My joy has known no bounds since then! So what better way to celebrate than to share my joy on my blog?! :)

Pg. 115 and 116 are those magical pages in February 2015 WE issue!

'A Rare Someone' is the chosen poem which I had published on my blog some time back as well!

Screenshots of the published work are here:

Blogging is so much a world of sharing and caring! So I would like to mention special thanks to Poonam Khanduja whose joy on being published in January 2015 also infected me! Then I also decided to submit my entry to WE and lo and behold- the joy and magic has multiplied! :D

Will be great if the joy multiplies for more writers...! Especially in this love-struck month of Cupid! Yes, WE can! :)

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  1. The poem is awesome... And ,many many congratulations for this achievement...

  2. Heartiest Congrats to you!
    Lovely poem.
    May your work be published in many more :)
    Best wishes.

  3. Congrats!

    The poem is really beautiful!

  4. Great...congratulations Amrita :-) It's a nice poem...

  5. Congratulations Amrita! That's a sweet and lovely poem :)

    1. Thanks so much Beloo! Congrats to U too as Ur interview is published! :-)

  6. Indeed a great achievement.
    Happy for you! :)

  7. Many congratulations Amrita...and the poem is beautiful! Best wishes!

  8. congratulationssssssssssssssssssssssssssss party time :)


  9. Heartiest Congrats to you!
    Lovely poem.


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