April 18, 2017

#MoreIndianThanYouThink In India and Beyond

Our Indianness lies in our culture- our food, dress, festivals, music, dances, architecture, literature and lots more, apart from one most important thing- our behaviour. The way we embrace every other culture into ours, the way we mix and gel with people from the world over. No wonder our Indians are spread out across the world.

Our adaptability and hardiness anywhere in the world stands us in good stead. We make people our friends and any country our home, while we give the best of hospitality to every foreigner who comes to our country. India is the great land of "Atithi Devo Bhava"- the Guest is our God.

In the quest to grow our about-to-turn-two startup Utkalamrita, we have had ample such experiences with people from the world over- both when we visited various countries, and when people from many countries interacted with us- physically or by virtual means.

Sydney Royal Easter Show- 2016, Sydney, Australia

 Our #Odisha #crafts and #weaves have attracted people in every international and national fair that we have participated in.