July 25, 2020

Green Mountain in Munnar

It was a green mountain in Munnar. The place was called Echo Point and U could do pedal-boating there. The lake was green as well, and looked serene and secure amongst all the high mountains and clouds. Maybe the lake was reflecting the colour of the mountains. Maybe that's Love. U can see Ur reflection in the Loved One. Or maybe, the Loved One is just mirroring your qualities and gradually, U both become so alike that U become ONE......

Ok fine. I didn't set out to write about this. I set out to write something which awed me, as much as it pleased me, and covered me with a blanket of green. Now, whenever I want, I can see the trees of that mountain. Tall, coniferous, deodar-like trees, waving and dancing happily in the wind. They were one happy Brotherhood, rejoicing and celebrating Life. They were waving out to me and shouting out to me and showing off their dance and their extreme happiness. Some were not dancing- they were just staring at me. But the others were having a jolly time- like real roly-poly people, ready to bounce off from there any moment. Shouting and being playful to each other as well as to me. Inviting me right inside their party- their eternal party with the wind through them, the Sun playing Hide and seek with them and the water almost tranquil.


*This was dated 2/9/2013. I was probably copying from one of my many notebooks where I keep writing stuff. So this was about my Munnar Trip with my Wipro office colleagues in 2008. I couldn't finish copying my entire writeup and the last line was "water almost tranquil at the". I don't know where is the rest of the writeup. For now, we have to suffice with this much, and think that this itself is complete.

Isn't every incomplete, complete in some way?

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