June 4, 2006

this is not poetry.

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U have never loved me.
U have only loved the image U have had, of me.
Since the time U were young, U had dreamed that Ur dream should have certain qualities.
U found them in me and stopped your quest.
Ur image of perfection was complete.
It was so complete, that U looked for no bad qualities, and never found them.
Or they stared at Ur face, and U let go.
What U perceived, reigned supreme.
That pure, ethereal image took over U.
And U were helpless.
Like any worldly person would think in such a situation, U also thought.
And believed, to think.
And thought, to believe.
That U are in love.
With me.
That Ur heart is flowing out with praise, admiration and respect.
For me.
But no.
It was an image of mine Ur mind had taken to.
Not me.
It was a perception of mine U were in love with.
Not me.
Once that changed, all else changed.

Angels became demons.
Demons became angels.

Angels and demons.

Friends became strangers.
Strangers became friends.

Friends and strangers.

U said that I had changed.
But it was only Ur perception of me that had changed.

U have never ever loved me.
U have only loved the image u have had, of me…………………….


  1. yeah .... this is not poetry .... but it seems like one ... as it satisfies the readers with their craving beads of taste on the touge of literature, emotion, notion of life and Life itself ... i felt better ....:)

    1. Thanks a lot ashona111 as usual for your profound comment! I hope, wish, pray dat U get back soon!

  2. this onez deep,many fathoms deep...i had to stop the music to get in2 the skin of what u wrote.......gr8!!!

    1. Thanks wildflower...yes d passion, feeling behind it is really deep.....

  3. Deeply touched !!
    Emotions, feelings, love it says it all

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Indrani. Perceptions in love change & they get lost!

  5. Angels became demons.
    Demons became angels.

    Loved it :)

  6. Angels, Demons, Friends, Strangers... Nothing Strange but absolute reality.
    I love this poem, & not just my perception of this poem :)

    1. Thanks so much Anita! Perception of this poem...wow...I nvr thot of this! I just simply wrote it & here U gave a new & deep dimension...thanks for this! :D

  7. This is poetrick story .. :)
    Nice one Amrita.

    1. Thanks a lot Krishna! 'poetrick' is a nice new innovative word! :D

  8. A very nice piece that dwells deep in to life & its ways.Way to go. Keep writing insightful pieces like these-what does it matter what we call it, poetry or prose. Warm Regards

    1. Thanks a lot Rajeev! I welcome U 2 my blog & hope U keep comin back 2 read & giv insightful comments lik dese!


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