May 28, 2006

look at the stars

Lay down,
On the grassy dew,
Of this twinkling night,
Kissed by the breeze….

Attain bliss,
Thinking of those blissful times….

Touched deep within,
Haunted by space and time;

Experience…….the sublime……..

Say what you wanna say-
The winds will carry your voice….

And- Look at The Stars-
Radiating, as usual, their eternal glory….
So you will find, whatever you seek……..


  1. "So you will find, whatever you seek…….."

    Whoa!! Have you been writing or what. Seems like May saw yuor creative genius bubbling to show itself to the world, asking for glory that's due :)

    Been here after a long time. You've got quite a few interesting posts over here. Made for a nice read. Keep it up Amrita.

    Great, great going. Keep writing.

    Take care

  2. nice one...
    seems like the holidays are helping you get into the creative mould...
    so howz life??

  3. it touched some chord in me,because i have always wanted to give myself up to nature and her solitude.n i think it's the same with you...

  4. Ideal Mind ...
    Devil's Workshop ...

    you wont find ...
    untill u get up ...

    dont look behind ...
    to get shaken up ...

    U are the Wind ..
    or u get blown up ...

    U have to find ...
    So U have to wake Up ....

    hey hey .. emiti .. lekhu lekhi lekhideli ... but i wrote the truth naa .. [comment is a comment whoever the commentor may be .. and first look at the comment and then at the commentor ... :D] well dont wanna hurt u by making absurd sense of ur poem's purpose ... but Anyways .. comment is a comment .. and should be accepted .... :P

  5. Stars have the answers. Mom used to say this...Look at the stars and be wise!


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