December 12, 2007

A Marriage To Be Lived Through

I had married my company looooooooooong back- June 22 2007 to be precise. No dhol baaja, no baraati, almost a registered marriage. Sitting in a Hall, we had signed papers, and had lawfully become Bride and Groom. Then, we had our Honeymoon time. It's called Training Period. Hyderabad was our Honeymoon city and what an absolute delight it was!! Three months of non-stop fun and frolic. My Company loved me, and I loved my Company back. I gave 100 percent of myself to whatever my Company wanted me to be trained in. My Company also gave itself upto me, and rewarded me beautifully for my enthusiasm and dedication, by making me much more rich than others. :)

The Honeymoon soon got over. And the small tiffs of married life started, when my Company unexpectedly sent me to Chennai on Posting. My Company said- "Sweetheart, U need to endure for me. U kno I love you." I said-" Hey dear, that's not done. U can't do this to me if U love me". And my Company replied- " Don't worry Sweetheart. U'll endure. U'll b one happy woman. And we'll love each other much more. Trust me."

And here I am, serving my Company, and Clients. My Company did not break my Trust. Believe me. I am one Woman who endured the initial times. And came out Trumps. One Happy Woman.:)

But hey, I forgot to tell you the Golden Rule of this Marriage- no Sindoor, no Bangles, no Mangal Sutra. Yes, but what's remotely close to the Mangal Sutra is- our Holy ID Card. Every morning the proof of my Marriage hangs around my neck till it is late evening, and then I must remove it, for the outside world should not know my Company, lest they should know my 'richness', and then extract our money. That is about the money seekers. But otherwise, the outside world sees me with the respect that only a Woman married to my Company, and its identical Brotherhood Companies, deserves.

This is another day of Married Life...............Another day of sweet Marital strife...............:)

And My Company and happily............for one more day..............:)


  1. cute!!! enjoy the marriage...

  2. Well, First of all a happy married life.
    But the only thing i will be waiting to see out of this marriage is the future of it..

    Whether after the end of the contract that binds the marriage there will be a divorse or a continuation of a happy married life.....

  3. @hey...nice post...liked it alot..reminded me of the husband i was in my marriage wen i was working..thank god i divorced :)

  4. ha!
    the same life awaits me a year or so :P


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