December 13, 2007


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Maybe she wanted to be the only person who loved her own Self. She did not allow others to love her. Maybe she did not even want others to love her. Sometimes she felt the "void", seeing others around her, who were not like her. They seemed to have people ( apart from their immediate family) who loved them, more than they loved themselves or others, at any point of time. She thought- " Is this some abnormality with me?"

Sometimes she even thought that maybe others thought her to be a wierdo, living like that, and refusing spending time with people who asked her out, or for just some time with her. But, she always bluntly refused those people a part of her Life, which she would never get back again. As an afterthought, she did wonder whether it was okay to do that or not; whether she was hurting them or not, by bluntly refusing their love; by showing that she did not care much.

But then, after such reflections, she always found a strange peace, a strange satisfaction, within Her Self.

She would look at the mirror, at herself, and think- ' I am happy like this only. I don't want others to depend on me for their happiness. And neither do I want to depend on them for mine. I am doing the right thing, coz allowing them one moment's dependence will lead to the next, and then to the next, and then to the next, which I will never provide or even care for.

My Time is Mine and My Love is Mine. I love each moment, and each moment loves Me for being Me.

I Love My Self.'

She would Smile, and then go on with Life.........................................


  1. Some find peace here,
    Some find peace there...

    If u find peace within.. then cherish the moment that you spend with yourself.

    But that doesn't mean that others are trying to take that moment from you...

    Noone will lay his rights on ur moments..
    They might just want to make them more precious.

  2. @ Victor
    Thanx Victor.....:)....Nice suggestion for her. I'll convey this 2 her. :)

  3. u bloody narcissist .... i am jealous of ur love ...

  4. Bravo
    Miraculously soothing
    Makes me feel like you stole my feelings...!

  5. Her happiness and her seeming contentment is a mirage, when she has not experienced the euphoric joys of loving and being loved, her definition of happiness is bound to fall short of real happiness and contentment.
    i hope that on this valentine's day, you ask her to take a chance, take a leap of faith, who knows what road fate may lead her to...

  6. "She" echoes what lies within me... It was soothing...

  7. Can relate too.... Relatable thoughts.

  8. I can relate! Nice to see somebody feels in the same way! Beautiful!

  9. it was such soothing post ..
    i too wrote once on such similar topic

  10. she muse be below average beautiful girl that is why she is living with such physiology.

    1. No no! She is really beautiful....her face, body, complete she is....:)

  11. Here you are back !!... Was missing your reflective posts..

    1. Oh come on! I was alwez der! U were only missing from the reading scene! :P

  12. Hi Amrita,

    Quite a touching post. Its almost as if the shadow is talking to its human form. One must always seek for happiness within and not outside. It's also the theme of my recent post.

    Thanks for sharing your thought with us.

    My Blog


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