December 9, 2008

A pin-drop silence,

Pierced by her cry.

Noone can hear it,

Except for herself.

All are working,

Or seem to be so,

But she is lonely,

And no one knows...

She cries aloud,

And no one hears,

She walks a distance,

Yet is nowhere near,

Where she wants to be...

Yet she resolves to keep walking,

Till she reaches,

Where she wants to reach-

Loneliness be damned.


  1. Oh, but what distance do you walk?! The distance between two people? The distance between one memory and then the absence of it?! The distance between loneliness of a cubicle and the loneliness of a crowd?!

    Tch, make sure you at least see all that is there around you as you walk the distances by.

  2. i liked this one ...
    might seem to be sadistic and unfair ... but we all are in our own diff. ways ...


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