December 13, 2008

Twinkling Eyes

The next time your eyes twinkle,
I will tell you so;
And if they stop twinkling,
Even for a moment,
Then I won’t tell you again.

Coz then I’ll know,
That you’ll get conscious again,
And stop your eyes from twinkling.

Instead I’ll bask in the glory,
Of your eyes;
I’ll bathe myself in their shine;
I’ll look into your eyes
Forgetting the world;
And I’ll eternalise those very moments,
When your twinkling eyes,
Would be saying a million words,
With your lips curled into a smile……..


  1. Why so much love for an unconscious "You"(of the poem) than a conscious one?

  2. it seemed to be in reverse ... last para at top and 1st one at bottom ....

    guess its the point of view ...

    nice point of view btw ... :)

  3. When i read the title 'Twinkling eyes', my hopes rose for the same. But after reading the poem, you lived up to the expectations.


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