April 22, 2009

About Me

They say- Success is a habit. But I have not made it a habit. My successes are few and far between.They are glimpses of my power, my leadership, my total control of situations, my tremendous inner drive.I am not always brimming with that do-or-die spirit or that indomitable will to win.Lately, I have been worried about my fluctuating spirit- sometimes I am filled with energy to pursue a cause and at other times, I just go on quietly with the flow of life, like everyone else around me.I hope the change in course of my career( I am going for MBA soon ) will stabilise me better, for now I am quite restless.But that's not the bottomline. The bottomline is that- I sometimes feel just too restless and at most others, I am just fine- living life simply and anonymously and lazily.No. This has to stop. Coz I have just this life- to live to the fullest.I want to live freely- not scared of what others think about what I am doing- not scared of any damn thing in the world at all- and that will happen only when I fully know what I truly, madly, deeply want from my life. That is my journey of discovery.
People are usually sure of what they exactly want, or they seem to discover their passion in life very soon, but I don't know yet. I am yet to discover what work I am exactly meant to do in this world and how rich and famous and glorious I will be in future, or whether these dreams of glory will remain just that- dreams of glory.
As of now, I am still just chilling out, and waiting for my MBA life to start. I seriously hope- that will give me a new lease of life and get me closer to my dreams.


  1. Very profound!!! The article - sometimes bright and shiny, sometimes dark and brooding - just like the sine curve that life is!! Enjoyed it :-)

    Be sure to make me your literary agent when you become famous :-D

    - bhaina

  2. a thoughtful post
    I wish gud wishes!!

  3. well...it seems the same story..
    all the best..

  4. My sentiments exactly!

    Waiting for the new life....

  5. Hey Buddy!!!

    Nothing better than this page to visit when you need a fresh dose of energy... Life is always like that... And somehow, people like us [i know abt you and me] just can't rest on their laurels and go on with life... we need that 'X' factor... Excitement is for the masses, for us, it is a way of Life!

  6. "Success is a habit. But I have not made it a habit"......
    Some people need not "make" it a habit they already have it engraved in their demeanour n ur one of those ppl...


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