April 13, 2009

Smile for Me

You smile like a flower,
And your eyes smile,
With all the innocence,
Of a five-year-old.

How do I describe,
How pure is your smile,
How sweet, how cute,
How divine is your smile…

It is like that of a baby’s,
Who has got all that he ever wanted,
It is frank and free and happy,
And shy all at the same time.

Your smile reflects your goodness,
Your purity,
And that you are divine.

Your smile shows gratefulness,
To the Lord,
And to me also.

I wish that you always smile,
Radiating your tremendous love,
And purifying my life……….


  1. Very true...

    The smile...it says a lot.

    But what happens when it is not there? Does one feel scared, insecure? Does one wait for it to come back?

    And the second line is the most important...it is important for the eyes to smile. Very nice. :)

  2. a beautiful description..
    good one..


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