August 18, 2009

A lump in my throat,
And tears roll down,
I feel so restless,
So helpless I become...

Each moment spent with you,
I miss, I cherish.
I relive each of those moments,
And tears roll down.

That day's wind,
Blows through my face,
You sit beside me,
And I relive those days.

The moon shines bright,
The road beckons me,
I rush through the road,
To find you again...

You are waiting for me,
To wrap me in your arms,
I feel your warmth, your love-
It gushes through my blood...

Lines blur,
Between imagination and reality,
I live the reality you gave me,
And my present becomes yours again...


  1. Nice and sad!!! Yess, brought tears to my eyes!!!!

  2. Truly, profound... (as John Doe said)
    a REALLY beautiful read...
    Very well written di...
    and its touchy too...



  3. read a nice one from ur side in a long time .. surprisingly they are more good when u are in bad mood ... :P


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