August 2, 2009

XIMB: An Experience

There I was,
Standing at the gate,
The mighty institution,
Beckoning my fate.

I walked into,
The world of possibilities,
Which would mould me,
Into the best I can ever be.

A packed academic schedule,
And presentations galore,
Meetings for projects and assignments,
There’s barely time to snore!

Yes we party and how-
JLTs are ultimate fun!
The unique culture here rocks,
Parichay, and then Sambandh.

The XIM journey is on,
And I am cruising along,
Each minute brings with it,
Unknown challenges unfurled...


  1. Very nicely written!! Really a candid poem....

  2. Nice one... Good luck with rest of the journey!

  3. i can see the fun to be a student again. congrats and do write more

  4. hope this journey takes u to...
    the successes' beautiful abode...
    for that's what u deserve, u do...
    so all the best & LOCK 'N' LOAD...

    Nice composition di...

  5. Nice poem Amrita.. i loved it when u mentioned the JLT.. :)



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